09 May 2011


Our weekend was chill and rainy and wrapped up with a wonderful Mother's Day. I hope you enjoyed your weekend just as much as we did.

The tulips in our backyard AND front yard finally bloomed.

Z-cakes played with my old Fisher Price house for hours.

I started reading a new book.

And I got really excited about the beautiful scene coming to life out my front window.

Other non-photographed scenes from the weekend:

For Mother's Day I got my mom one of these and Z-cakes and N8tr0n got me one of these.

:: Z-cakes said "Happy Mother's Day!" almost every chance she got, and said it with all of the reverence/importance
she could muster. What a wonderful family I have.

:: N8tr0n and I hung the basement TV on the wall and rearranged the furniture. We now have twice as much space in the main room. High five.

:: Friday Night Lights made me cry.

:: I accidentally watched an entire episode of this show because...I have no idea why. But apparently it exists and therefore I was unable to look away.


Today is another rainy day so we'll be staying inside most of the day. I plan to spend a considerable amount of time on Pinterest. Oh! Did you see that they have an app now? I just downloaded it last night and it is pretty sweet.

Happy Monday Everyone! How was your weekend?



Charlotte said...

Oh how I love tulips, and yours are beautiful.

I love the view from your front window.

I've seen only season one of FNL but loved it and think I need to watch the rest.

Kimberlee said...

Sounds like I spent yesterday doing the same thing you did. Admiring the green out my front window. I can't believe how green all this rain is making everything. The golf course is brilliant green and luscious. Beautiful, I tell you. Beaut-i-ful.

Christina said...

Gorgeous tulips, and that tree out your front window has me wishing I lived in a home with a mature landscape. I would kill for a tree like that!

Love the peeks into your weekend, Miranda!

michelle said...

I have been admiring all the green around here, too. It's all too fleeting.

I kind of love that you have planned to spend a considerable amount of time on Pinterest. I usually just fall into it, but perhaps I should plan on it instead...

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Had a lovely Mother's Day weekend... thanks for asking!

Lots of gorgeous tulips to admire here, too...

Rachel said...

I want what you got for mothers day. I might even go so far as to say I NEED one. I am glad you had a good weekend. I love that little people house, how fun that Z gets to play!

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