10 June 2011

Happy Friday


:: I took this photo as I was leaving Salmon. I love it.

:: Our master bedroom (I call it that because it is our bedroom and not Z's bedroom but there's really nothing master about it) is so close to being complete that it is killing me. I really want to show you pictures. But you're really not seeing pictures until the curtains are hung.

:: Z-cakes is finally recovering from the crud and so am I. I started to get sick just as Z started showing signs of getting better. Lovely.

:: The sun is shining today and I hope it sticks around. I need some sunshine and our garden needs some sunshine. I don't think I've ever had a problem with my garden actually having too much moisture. However, our brussels sprouts look awesome and only two of our strawberry starts died. Also, I think one of our cucumber plants is alive. I have no idea how that happened because the rest of them are dead as doornails.

:: Thank you for the kind comments about the shower. It is always so fun to hear what your favorite parts were and it gives me the motivation to get started on plans for the next event.

:: Happy weekend friends! See you next week.



michelle said...

I can't wait to see pictures of your bedroom!

Summer colds are the worst – it just feels wrong. Hope you are all better soon.

This year I am missing my vegetable garden more than ever. I have been planting more flowers in containers to compensate.

Susan said...

I'm anxiously awaiting the "reveal" as well! Can't wait.

Jill said...

Great picture!!

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