09 June 2011

I completely forgot....

...to show you the invitations Jen made for the shower!

baby shower invitations

We were so smitten with Melanie's idea for invitations that we snatched it right up. They were a huge hit. Hand delivered, of course.

And Jen's little girl in her Snow White pajamas? I'm dying.



kylee said...

cutest idea ever. bookmarked it instantly.

marta said...

shut up. this tops the whole amazing shower off. what a party genius you are. i loved seeing the pancake stacks in 'real life' and all the cute signs too. you know exactly how to pull it all together. thanks for indulging us. xo.

Kimberlee said...

I know we already talked about it but, OH MY GOSH! I love it. Every single bit of it. And I love that you and Jen planned it together. You guys are rad.

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