14 June 2011

Poultry Update

A couple of you asked for chicken updates and as I am always one to give the people what they want, here I am updating you.

Let's just start with this shall we?

Do you know what that sound was my friends? Well I will tell you.

I'm not entirely sure.

I mean. Yes. It was a crowing sound. But was it a crowing sound coming from a rooster, or a crowing sound coming from a dominant hen pretending to be a rooster? Because that happens you know? I didn't know, in case you were wondering. But now I do. And don't know. Whether this is a rooster or a hen. I mean really, who can know these things?

Yes I know that there are people who can know these things but I am not one of them.

Anyway, the future of this rooster-hen is undetermined. If she is in fact a he, then he will have to be relocated. If she is still a she and she continues on with that blasted crowing then she will have to be relocated. Until we know for sure, I am taking solace in the fact that all of our neighbors are elderly and can barely hear me when I'm talking straight to them. Perhaps they cannot hear our rooster-hen crowing at 5:00 AM?

Also, I take it back. I do know what that sound was. It was the sound of betrayal.

Also also, the rooster-hen's name is Lily. Or Lyle.

Okay. On with the updates:


This is Winnie the Wyandotte. Remember how we almost lost Winnie? She is now my favorite chicken because I think she is gorgeous. Unfortunately I think she is one of the hardest ones to catch. Also you can see in the background how the chickens frequently knock over their food thingie. It is annoying.


This is Archie the Ameraucana. Z-cakes was in charge of naming most of the chickens and she was dead set on having a Tulip and an Archie (my mom dog-sits a couple of dogs named Tulip and Archie) which is why this little hen was given a boy's name. Amazingly, this did not make her dominant over the rest of the flock and allow her to develop masculine traits the way her fellow Ameraucana rooster-hen did. Archie went through a very ugly phase, but I think she's quite pretty now, if not a bit of a camera hog.

For some reason I do not have a picture of Tulip the Rhode Island Red. Perhaps the fact that she is on the bottom of the pecking order makes her a bit camera shy? Tulip is in the running for favorite chick because she is by far the easiest to catch and I anticipate her being very pretty when she gets a bit older. I've never pretended not to be fickle when it comes to this little brood.

And there you have it. Poultry: Updated. I'm happy to answer any questions you have in the comments, although I still really don't know what I'm doing. I mean...I have a hen that crows for crap's sake.

P.S. Here are a couple more pics of me and Z-cakes with our chickies. Thanks At Home!



Hil said...

Oh poor Lily, or Lyle. So mixed up in a mixed up world. I hope he/she finds her identity soon. You could always change his/her name to Pat.

Did I tell you my parents just got chickens? It's true. They are a lot bit in love with the whole thing. I showed them your coop and they drooled.

Your pictures are so stinking cute on the At Home article. You definitely rock the bangs much better than I do. Props (do people still say that...?).

Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...

What a funny post! If your neighbors are elderly, then they're probably already up for the day at 5am anyway...

paws said...

Oh, I needed that laugh! Thanks. :)

Tracy said...

I have a family that got chicks at just about the same time as you. One of the chicks turned out to be a rooster and you can already tell he's a he....so maybe yours is really a hen.

Hannah said...

That is hilarious! Regardless of gender, the chicken is cute.

Loved the update.

Sarah Stamps said...

Your pictures are awesome in that article. Congratulations on your new found fame!

michelle said...

The photos from that article are priceless!

Eva loved the video and photos. It sounds like things are not looking good for Lily/Lyle.

jt said...

Love the update. I think they are lovely, and I am sad for your rooster-hen's fate, but understand it's necessity.

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