05 July 2011

4th of July Weekending

Our holiday weekend was perfect. I hope yours was too. Here are just a few of the highlights (because if I showed them all to you we'd be here all day):


Left to right; top to bottom:
01. Feeding ducks at Emerald Lake with Uncle Spence and (soon to be) Aunt Britney.
02. Watching kids try to climb a greased pole with a $100 bill at the top: HILARIOUS.
03. My new favorite snow cone flavor: Tiger's Blood + Nectarine.
04. A backyard BBQ complete with checkered tablecloths, neighbors riding over on four-wheelers, and enough salads to feed an army.
05. I made an angel food cake (I had a lot of egg whites left over after making all of that ice cream).
06. Convincing Z that holding a sparkler is not so much terrifying as it is awesome.



Jill said...

It looks like a very fun and festive time.

April said...

first: congratulations to Spence!! that is awesome :) call me, I need more info on this...
second: i love your new(to my eyes) sandals
third: Z's hair is awesome
fouth: i love you like crazy and it looks like you had an awesome 4th of July!!

s + b said...

great photos! that cake looks delicious

Jen said...

I totally know what you mean about the convincing with the sparklers!

Hannah said...

Looks like a perfect, relaxing, beautiful, and delicious weekend! Love those curls on your cutie and the shoes on your feet.

Confession: I'm still a little nervous about holding sparklers.

Megan said...

Seriously needing to know where those cute sandals came from...

Miranda said...

@Megan—the sandals are Saltwater sandals. I got a pair for me and for Z online. We love them.

Megan said...

Thanks for the info! You don't know me but my dear friend Steve Stamps said I'd love your blog (and he was right).

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