01 July 2011

Happy July

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit Friends! And Happy July to you too. And Happy Canada Day to my friends in Canada!

Just opened
{peonies by my back step}

Are you all gearing up for a big holiday weekend? We are heading to my hometown for the 4th and I'm so happy that we are. I told N8tr0n the other day that I realized I don't really like to travel for the 4th. I like to be close to home and I like knowing what to expect. Mom's pasta salad, poppers on the sidewalk, perhaps some pretzel jello, and fireworks at the golf course. Happy Independence Day.

Speaking of expectations, if I were you I wouldn't expect daily posts from my blog this summer. That's not to say that I won't be posting, but just that it will be more...erratic. It has been a long hard winter/spring here in our new home and now that summer has arrived we're going to go all Sheryl Crow and "soak up the sun." I imagine you're doing the same. Which means you really don't have time to sit at your computer and read my ramblings. So really....I'm thinking of you. You're welcome.

Have a lovely and safe 4th of July weekend! XOXO



The Ostheds said...

We are headed to the "hometown" too! Maybe we will see you!

Hannah said...

We'll be at the fireworks on the golf course, too! I'll watch for you. I love your hometown on the 4th! Can't wait to get up there.

Christina said...

Happy 4th, Miranda! Enjoy the summer sun soaking- we'll be doing much of the same around here!

jt said...

I love peonies.
And I am not doing anything for the 4th. I never travel for it.
And obviously, don't expect daily posts from me this summer either. Ha.

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