29 July 2011

Two Weeks of Summer

Good morning friends! How are you? I've missed you!

{presents from China}

On Tuesday N8tr0n returned home from a two week business trip to China. You didn't know he was gone? Well to be honest, I try to keep our comings and goings quiet on this space just in case of would-be serial killers. You understand I'm sure. Anyway, N8tr0n's absence is why things have been so quiet around here; that is, I've pretty much spent the last two weeks doing whatever Z-cakes wants to do as an attempt to survive being a single parent. Writing blog posts was not on her agenda if you can believe it. Also, N8tr0n took my ipod. Which means no easy pictures (since I am suddenly way to lazy to carry my giant camera around which must weigh what, at least a pound? Way too heavy for summer). Which means no easy posts. So while we were having our all-the-time-girls'-party at our house, I made sure to make note of the unphotographed moments. Here are a few of them:

:: Going to the farmer's market and every other used/thrift store within walking distance the first day N8tr0n was gone.
:: Popcorn + apples for dinner (I really think I'm on to something with that combination).
:: A trillion Otter Pops eaten on the front porch.
:: Driving to Salmon to hang out with our friends (more on this later).
:: Jen and me both sleeping through Cars 2 while our girls ate gallons of popcorn.
:: Z's frozen yogurt topped with: Andes mints, Butterfinger, Swedish Fish, Jelly Beans, Jimmies, and Marshmallows (I think she's getting the hang of the "self serve" setup).
:: Z playing on the swings with Grandpa Ken for hours.
:: Swimming at Indian Springs and having an ice cream sandwich for dinner.
:: Talking to N8tr0n via Skype (because the Internet is awesome).
:: Watching Tangled nearly everyday.

Whew. It was a long couple of weeks you guys. For some reason time seems to pass slower when N8tr0n is gone. But now he's back! And all is right with the world.

What have you been up to in the last two weeks? Do you love the dog days of summer or are you just getting by? Oh! And Happy Friday!



Shannon said...

I am sooo glad my husband hasn't needed to travel on business much over the last year! I hope it doesn't pick up again after baby 2 comes!

Popcorn and apples sounds delicious!

Jocelyn said...

Taking a break now and then is perfectly ok...especially when you are enjoying your little girl. Soak it all in because sadly they grow up too fast. I had to laugh again about your serial killer comment...I am exactly the same way with my blog...so no advance notices of vacations or such! Glad to hear you are having a great summer!

michelle said...

Denise's family has popcorn and apples for dinner sometimes, too. Plus cheese. And m&ms.

I've had bronchitis for a couple of weeks, so that was a summer downer, but I think I'm back with a vengeance.

kylee said...

smart woman keeping vacas and business trips a secret until return. my mom was worried when i announced that we were off to disneyland. she even made me call my school up and have them take my name and address off the student directory.

Laura@livingabigstory said...

Two weeks is SOOOO long -- I'm so glad you survived it! My hubs has never had to do that long and, if he did, I don't know that I'd be able to do as wonderfully as you seem to have.

Yeah that he's home!

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