01 August 2011


Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit!

We took a very brief trip to Burley this weekend. Just long enough for N8tr0n to hand out gifts from China and for Z-cakes to get in some time on the tractor with Grandpa Ken.

Learning to eat sunflower seeds
{learning to eat sunflower seeds}

{loading up}

{beautiful Idaho}

On Sunday we had my dear friend, Emmylou and her family (husband + two little girls) over for dinner. I didn't take a single picture—proof that I am out of my blogging groove. But it should be noted that by some random miracle N8tr0n and I were able to get everything finished (including dinner rolls and pie!) before our guests arrived. Teamwork high five!

Having friends over for dinner has to be one of my favorite things to do. Sitting around your table having good conversation over a dinner that you made yourself is even more rewarding than throwing an amazing party. Do you agree? Last night felt like one of those moments that I tally in my mind because I am reminded of how very good life is.

Happy August friends! Do you have a full schedule this month? My schedule consists of: swimming lessons, a bridal shower, my anniversary, my brother's wedding, house guests, and fairs. Always fairs.



Laura@livingabigstory said...

Yes, I love dinners with good friends (but not so much when you find out there's not a lot to talk about so there's awkward silences and awkward conversations ... eek!)

Our summer is over -- kids started back to school last week. I'm not sure yet how I feel about that though.

Jake and Weston said...

RABBIT!! Dinners with friends should occur more often...you are so right, they do bring a very nice element of the good life to the every day!
August here is looney: my son Jake starts Kindergarten in 2 weeks. We are all excited, even me...but I am also totally terrified and unsure how I/we will cope, only knowing that I/we will...somehow!! =)

Hannah said...

We escaped to Burley as well. It was a lovely weekend and we waved as we passed your dad's cows. Glad you husband is back...bearing gifts.

Christina said...

Swimming lessons and hopefully a few final summer adventures are on our calendar. I kind of want to cry because it's August. But I do love a good summer dinner party- time for another one around here soon.

Victoria said...

Yes, having friends over for a meal is very special. We had some old friends, not seen for many years as they live up north now, over at the weekend. How did six hours on Saturday night fly by so quickly. One minute it is 7 pm and the next 1.30 am1 x

michelle said...

I enjoy dinner with friends much more than parties.

That tractor looks like a kid's dream!

annie (the annilygreen one) said...

i love her face in that sunflower seeds picture. it's like she's thinking, "why would anyone eat these? it takes so much work!" :)

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