24 August 2011

New Additions

We have a few new additions to our very fine house that I have been neglecting to tell you about. First of all—and this is a big one—we bought a couch.


Oh how I love my new couch. It is comfy, stylish, and I'm contemplating marrying the color. We have all taken naps on it and while I love sitting on it, sometimes I like to sit across the room so I can gaze upon its loveliness. Here it is in what you could typically expect to see on a lazy summer morning around here (Which we haven't had for like, a month. This picture was taken ages ago in July). Z-cakes finishing up her breakfast getting ready to watercolor, me possibly still in my bathrobe getting ready to write a blog. You know, the rockstar lifestyle.

Next up: A trampoline. A big one. A FREE big trampoline.


We have my brother to thank for this blessed addition to our house. He gave it to Z after he got a screamin' hot deal on it and she's pretty much been jumping on it ever since. I think I've probably jumped on a trampoline more this month than I have the last 12 years of my life.

Finally, we got a rocking horse from my grandpa (who Z-cakes affectionately refers to as
Grandpa Two).


He currently lives in our basement and goes by the name of Maximus for obvious reasons.

Happy Wednesday friends! Do tell, any new additions in your house that make you happy every time you see them?

P.S. My bedroom is 98.5% complete and I'm dying to show it to you. Perhaps I'll share the pictures even though I haven't found the perfect accent pillow of my dreams yet? Especially since I've now started in on Z-cake's room and I want to tell you all about that too. Here's a hint about my bedroom: It looks absolutely nothing like this.



Serin said...

yay! I can see pictures at work! Happy new additions! I love the pic of Z on the tramp. And I loved Maximus on Tangled. lol Your couch looks very grown-up like you're not students any more of something!

Cassie said...

Love the trampoline shot! I think that it is one of those 'kids' things which adults can legitimately have just as much fun on.

Can't wait to see your bedroom now you have dropped your hint.

Laura@livingabigstory said...

We debated back and forth forever about getting a trampoline ... we finally did, and I'm so glad. ...for fun times just like what you captured.

Hannah said...

LOVE the couch!!

Rachel said...

I really love the couch, nice job! Where did you end up getting it? And a trampoline, I am totally jealous, and so is Lucy. I had a rocking horse like that when I was a kid, I remember pinching my hand in the springs like a million times. I have absolutely no new additions to my home recently, but soon we are moving into an unfurnished apartment and I cannot wait to get my stuff out of storage and make it my own! I hope all is well, miss ya!

R. Pyper said...

Swooning over that couch. You think very many Pocatellans have a couch like that? I don't think so! Where did you get it?

kylee said...

your couch, that red, the red chairs. love it alllll. please let me move in with you. i always felt so deprived growing up without a trampoline. that & and the easy bake oven and barbie jeep. deprived childhood i tell you.

Pink Little Cake said...

Your little one looks adorable jumping, I bet she is getting a good night sleep.

Denise said...

That couch is AMAZING. Looks like something straight out of my sister's store!

michelle said...

oh, I LOVE the couch!

Maximus, of course.

Jaime said...

Fun! Love your new couch--it's very fitting. Funny how we both just got new couches and they are so different and yet so great for us. :) Can't wait to see your bedroom--in person. How 'bout next week sometime?

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