18 August 2011

Red + Orange + Yellow Bridal Shower

My mom and I put this shower together and I couldn't have been happier with how it turned out. Before I start in on the pictures, here's a little something you should know about me and my mom: I remember one Thanksgiving when one of mom's guests was looking at all of the pies she made and said something like, "Wow, you really went all out didn't you?" My mom thought for just a moment and said, "Well, I don't really do anything halfway." Truer words have never been spoken.

(NOTE: Someday when I am a professional event planner I will hire and actual photographer to photograph my fĂȘtes. Until then you'll have to live with my pictures. Taken frantically, sweat dripping into the viewfinder, while trying to get the rest of the food on the table before all of the guests arrive.)

{not all of the food}

The bride's parents have a beautiful sunroom in their home. Perfect for throwing parties if you ask me.



We piled the gifts up the sides of the hot tub and they looked lovely. It is nice when guests bring along your decor.

The menu included:
Hostess Streusel Cakes (the brides favorite treat)
Fruit salad
Crudites in cups
Shower sandwiches (duh)
Cherries + Strawberries (not pictured)
Lemon curd tarts
Cherry chocolate cupcakes
Izzy (again, duh)






The theme of the shower was "Stock the Kitchen" so for favors everybody got a cute striped dish towel. I also made a few kitchen utensil arrangements with utensils from my mom's kitchen.




I found these gorgeous flowers the day before the shower and couldn't believe my good fortune. The colors were perfect!


All in all, a successful shower. Wouldn't you agree?

Many thanks to my mom for helping pull everything together, to Spencer for setting up the tents and hanging things from the ceiling, and my dad and N8tr0n for hauling multiple laundry baskets full of party supplies to and from my car.



Suzanna said...

So cute!

tessica said...

love the favors!

jt said...

So cute, as usual. I love the Izzy drink bar, but mercy it looks expensive. Or am I just poor?

Sarah said...

So cute. You are such a party planner! I'll be looking at these posts a few years when I have money to throw great parties like you!

michelle said...

1. I don't know if I could love anything more than the striped, notched table runners.

2. Unless it's those dish towels for the favors. WHERE did you get them?!

3. Someday I want to come to one of your parties.

April said...

I love it!

R. Pyper said...

Love the runners, the pops, and the colors! So pretty.

Hannah said...

I'd hire you! Lovely.

Charlotte said...

So I kind of wish that you could just party-plan my life. Just sayin'.

Jen said...

Everything looks beautiful! I wish so bad I could have been there to eat the food! Yumm-o! My mouth is watering.

Cassie said...

Miranda it all looks amazing - you are a talented lady. Love those flowers - what are they, they look an unusual colour on the back too?
Wishing you a wonderful weekend xx

Cindy said...

I understand your mon completly! I don't want my name on a project that's half done.
Looks like you are your mothers daughter. I love it!!

kylee said...

successful shower indeed. can i volunteer myself to be the party photographer just so i can be there to experience the amazingness of it all myself?

Cristy said...

So beautiful! The colors are wonderful, and the extra touches are perfect. I LOVE the favors - great idea and adorably executed!

Can't wait to start reading your blog - I'm sorry I can't remember how I got here, though. Isn't the internet cool that way? :)

Kimberlee said...

Um...fabulous, awesome, rad, cool, amazing, beautiful...and any other word that means ARE YOU KIDDING ME! YOU ROCK. It turned out lovely Mandy. I'm in love with the scrapt fabric banner and the diy striped tablecloth. The whole thing turned out even better than I imagined. And I was imagining great things.

Jocelyn said...

I absolutely agree with your moms comment! Words to live by for sure:-) I think you did an awesome job with everything...photos included! Love love love how you coordinated the pop bottles with the color scheme! You truly thought of everything!!

Katharina said...

Here's the part where I request a full-on tutorial of your diy table runners and the festoonery on the ceiling...just how did you hang those?

Lovely job, Miss Miranda.

Jaime said...

Success indeed!!! Love the food, love the red and white striped runners, love the ribbons. :)

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