15 August 2011


Good Morning! Long time no see, right? My apologies for the silence here but August has proven to be as busy as I thought it would. Here's what we were up to this weekend.

Bridal shower prep

I pretty much spent the weekend neck deep in bridal shower prep which included painting table runners because I couldn't find exactly what I wanted. They ended up being much easier than I thought.

In Burley

On Friday night I went to Burley all by myself! Z-cakes stayed home with N8tr0n so that I could focus on throwing the shower without feeling guilty for neglecting her.

Nesting boxes!

And while I was gone, N8tr0n + Z-cakes built nesting boxes for our hen house!

For the bridal shower

The cupcakes I made for the shower were possibly my best yet. I'll be posting more pictures of the shower later, pinkie promise.

On Sunday I was so wiped out from the shower that I did nothing. Seriously. I did feed Z-cakes because she's happier when we do that but otherwise, nada. Today begins my full fledged campaign to put the house in order before N8tr0n's parents arrive. I can't decide whether giving myself two full weeks is pessimistic or a little too optimistic.

In other news, Z-cakes has taken to putting her baby dolls here:

Look out for the zombie babies Z!

N8tr0n and I find it terrifying.



Hil said...

What a busy weekend! How exciting about the nesting boxes and those cupcakes look lovely. Yum. And yes, the new doll placement is terrifying...but hilarious. :)

Destri said...

Terrifying! That is the first thing I thought! So cute though. You my dear are a busy one :)

marta said...

those dolls made me laugh aloud!! have been thinking of you. can't wait to see how your party turned out. you are one amazing party planner. take the rest of the month off!

Christina said...

The doll picture is hilarious! And yes, a bit creepy as well. Can't wait to see pictures of your latest amazing fete. I'm sure it was lovely!

Anonymous said...

Ditto to all above comments. Ha! Going to the fair at all in burley. Let me know!

Hannah said...

You always throw the most amazing parties. Lucky ladies who get you as their party planner. Love the dolls. hehe!

Kimberlee said...

Terrifying, indeed. And I too can't wait to see pictures of the shower. Post soon.

R. Pyper said...

Woo! Can't wait to see how those runners turned out.

Nina said...

The runners and all of the food was great! The decorations turned out amazing and her Dad ate 4 cupcakes when we got home! Good job sweetheart

Jen said...

Oh my heck! I laughed out loud when I saw those dolls. hee hee hee. I would have to agree with you and the terrifying factor. I can't stop laughing!

emily said...

So so so creepy! This made me laugh out loud at my desk. Thank you!

jt said...

Yes, terrifying and hilarious.
And what a great idea for your table runners! Filed away.

michelle said...

Shut up! You painted them?? Brilliant.

The dolls totally cracked me up.

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