18 October 2011

Best Birthday Ever

Today is my birthday and my heart is so full. Here's a few highlights from my weekend:

My Denver friends! HERE!

:: Four of my best friends from Denver showing up for the weekend. Total surprise.
:: Kim hosting an amazing party.
:: Being surrounded by friends and family from Burley, Seattle, Portland, Salmon, American Falls, Idaho Falls, and Pocatello.
:: A new ipad2.
:: Giant breakfasts with 10 people around the table eating our fresh eggs and pumpkin waffles.
:: Caramel apples.

:: 2 trips to Cafe Rio.
:: Pine nut hunting around the City of Rocks.



I couldn't feel more blessed. Thank you all for such a wonderful birthday!




marta said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MISS MIRANDA!! what darling friends you have; glad the celebrating has been in full force. enjoy it. so happy to know you.

p.s. you're looking as lovely as ever. loving the long locks. xo.

Елена (Good Reputation) said...

Miranda, Happy Birthday!!!! You are so beautiful and so happy to have such great friends! All the best for you! :-)

Jocelyn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET LADY!!! Looks like a fun weekend for sure:-)

dandee said...

This is exactly the way birthdays are supposed to be. So happy you're enjoying yours with the people you love most.


Jill said...

That is so incredibly sweet of your friends to surprise you with a visit!!

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Katharina said...

Happy, HAPPY Day!

You are more beautiful than ever; best wishes for a marvelous new year.

laurie said...

happy birthday! i was grinning ear to ear as i read this post and saw all your happy photos. thank you for sharing your joy with us.

kylee said...

haappppy birthday! sure hope you had a wonderful one! by the looks of it, you definitely did!

Hannah said...

Love your hair, Mandy! The length is fantastic!

So glad you birthday was fab! And welcome to the ipad 2 addiction club. So fun!

April said...

I can't get over how much I LOVE that first picture of us. Can you email me a copy? Thanks! It was such a fun surprise~I would do it again in a heartbeat. What an awesome weekend!! Love you.

Hannah said...

Hi! Small world. I've seen your adorable play kitchen on Pinterest and checked out your blog a bit.... and then I saw these photos..you know April Lyman! So do I! She's good friends with my sister and so now we know each other too. Crazy. I also noticed Hannah Craner commented on here....I used to read her design blog. Anyway, small world. Fun blog posts you have!

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