10 October 2011

Happy Monday

At the beginning of the school year I started working three days a week. It has been a huge adjustment for me. Huge, I tell you! Since I work in the middle of the week I have started to love Mondays because they feel like an extra day off. I'm counting this as a much needed plus side. Today was a particularly productive Monday. Here's a quick list of the things Z and I were able to accomplish today:

Vacuumed the whole house, did laundry, played Hopscotch, planted tulip bulbs, eradicated the Giant Knotweed from our yard, watched Curious George, arranged pumpkins on our deck. (Z-cakes prefers them to be in a line across the bottom step but I eventually talked her into small groups.)


And while I'm in the spirit of loving Monday and all, here is a list of things making me terribly happy today:

01. Long email exchanges with Kim about party plans!
02. A new letterpress print hanging in my entry. After living here for a year and a half I can honestly have this hanging in our house.
03. The fact that N8tr0n has not told me what he's getting me for my birthday. I don't think this has happened in the 7 years we've been married so it is worth getting excited about.
04. Z-cakes in striped tights.
05. Clicking through pictures of my brother's wedding.
06. Reading Dracula with Charlotte as part of my new scary book in October tradition. Last year we read Helter Skelter. Creepy.
07. Wearing what is possibly the greatest cardigan I have ever owned in my life.
08. Lunch with N8tr0n.
09. Watching Mad Men with N8tr0n.
10. Pumpkin everything.

Your turn. What is making you terribly happy? No really, I want to hear. And speak up so they can hear you in the back.



Елена (Good Reputation) said...

Miranda, looks like you had a really wonderful day! So many nice and positive things are in your list – “pumpkin everything” and "dracula" are my favorites :-) Lucky to be you! :-)
Regarding my Monday, it was a regular one:
1.Latvian-style morning – with clouds and rain (but it is fine for me)
2.big cup of Latte with cinnamon (can't live without it)
3.short drive to the office
4.very funny PR-meeting with 2,5 hour of laughing nonstop (my boss was in the great mood)
5.delicious lunch with my best friend in small wine bar (and one glass of Chile Sauvignon Blanc)
6.back to work doing some paper work for more 3 hours
7.home... home sweet home (yesterday was 1st universally as I moved to my new HOME)
8.small party at my place with friends: I prepared vegetarian pizza and spicy pumpkin soup with ginger :-)
9.went to bed to see me sweet-sweet dreams :-)
feeling happy :-)

jillian said...

Things that are making me happy? A freshly cleaned house, finally learning to can, my new neighborhood, and feeling grateful. What a great idea to just list them. :)

Jaime said...

1. A morning with just my youngest and I--we drummed A LOT.
2. My newly-decorated Halloween mantel.
3. Hubby's coming home in just T minus 3 days!
4. That my kids actually ate both the breakfast and the lunch I made them. :)
5. I got out my fall clothes.
6. I have plans for a random, out-of-theb-blue gift for someone that will be so fun to give!
7. Dancing with my kids after breakfast today.

Hannah said...

You tell us you are wearing the greatest cardigan ever and didn't tell us what it is? That is borderline mean. ;) (I hope you tell...cause I'm addicted to them.)

And I agree...there is nothing cuter than a 3 year old in stripped tights.

Anonymous said...

Hello, love. Something that is making me sad: we won't make the party! Sorry! Wish we could be there!

Charlotte said...

I'm over 60 pages in and have decided that Dracula is an awesome Halloween book. It's seriously spooky.

Also, I'm pretty much in love with your kid and her striped tights.

Victoria said...

What a wonderful selection of pumpkins. Great post. Thank you. x

michelle said...

That is a super-productive day! That always makes me happy. I too would like to see the best cardigan, please.

What's making me happy today:

-Marc finished painting our big main living area!!
-I'm making progress on the cabinets.
-Eva finally went to school. Seriously, she was driving me crazy. Good riddance.
-The forecast is for 66 today - i.e., perfect.
-I don't have any meetings today!
-My mom, Jessie and I are sending you a group birthday gift that we are pretty excited about.

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