03 October 2011


Good morning friends! We spent another lovely weekend in Burley. Did you have a good weekend too? We spent Saturday hanging out with family (N8tr0n golfed with my dad and I shopped with my mother + sister-in-law).

She kept yelling, "Pumpkins! I'm so excited!"

Plus we ate at Aguila Con El Taco which is possibly my most favorite Mexican restaurant ever.

On Sunday the three of us drove to Bostetter to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous fall colors (we were not disappointed), and ate Chili for dinner. Yum. So far, this fall is coming together just the way I like it.

Fall colors

And as you know, it is October which means, I am happy. Here's a list of a few of the things that are making me terribly happy today:

01. Having gone for a run with Emmylou this morning! Hip Hip Hooray for us!
02. The pile of leaves sitting on my counter collected from our fall colors drive.
03. Mailing out a stack of invitations for my 30th birthday party!
04. The crazy way Z sprawls across her bed while she's sleeping.
05. Peaches for breakfast.
06. Our family date to the pumpkin patch tonight!
07. Making a list of possible desserts to make today and trying to get Z-cakes to choose just one.
08. Planting bulbs.
09. Watching new TV with N8tr0n.
10. Leftover chili in my fridge.

So do tell, what is making you terribly happy today? I'll be making plenty of lists just like this one so prepare yourself accordingly. Also, be sure to check in tomorrow morning. I have a fun offer from two of my favorite Etsy artists!


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Jaime said...

Well, I'm feeling happy right now because my husband thinks that Pocatello might be the perfect place to do his residency. :) woot woot! Granted, it's mostly the people I'd be excited about, but still....

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