30 September 2011

Just right

Last night I decided it was time to do something about the box of peaches that we have slowly but surely been eating our way through. My intention was to just make a lifetime supply of peach butter, but once we started slipping the skins off those gorgeous peaches N8tr0n and I decided we should try canning them. I put in a late-night call to my dear Emmylou for a quick tutorial on how the crap you do that.

Nakey peaches

As it turned out, the peach butter took me so long to finished that I didn't have it in me to can the rest of the peaches last night. I was a bit sad when I realized that I'm too old and too attached to my sleep to pull all-nighters to satisfy superfluous whims. Oh well.

This morning all I can think about (aside from the giant bowl of peaches sitting in my fridge waiting to be canned) is how fun last night was. Working in the kitchen with N8tr0n talking about how much we love our house and our daughter I couldn't help but think about how good life really is. It was one of those moments when you can put your current frustrations aside because everything else about life is just so right.

In other news: Last night N8tr0n bought a new pair of ski boots. Z-cakes adamantly wants to go skiing too and keeps asking us to buy her some "skidis."



Jen said...

We apparently had the same "whim" Great minds think alike!

Hannah said...

Those activities that provide lots of opportunities to talk are always the best. Yay for yummy peaches and good talks!

Rachel said...

So glad you got to have a good talk. I need one of those soon! Those peaches look gorgeous!

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