31 October 2011


I love it when holidays extend over several days. I feel like we've been celebrating Halloween since Wednesday and there is still one more night of action! Here are a few highlights from our weekend:

Z-cakes got all dressed up for our church Halloween party. (That makes 4 times so far that she's gotten to wear her costume. Yesssssss!) I took pictures of her on the deck and the well-known struggle with opening her eyes AND looking in my general direction AND smiling continued.




At the party several people told me that they loved my nerd costume and I didn't have the heart to tell them that I was actually just wearing my regular clothes.



We spent the rest of the weekend in Burley where my sister-in-law and I turned approximately eleventy thousand sugar cookies into mummies.



We had a little birthday celebration for my brother who is turning 26 on Tuesday. I made the White Out cake from Baked and oh my lands that recipe is a keeper. It was especially delicious with the raspberry filling I included. No, seriously.


At the end of the night my sister-in-law decided to cut up her wedding dress to turn it into a Halloween costume.


I'm kidding. She got this dress for $20 at a thrift store. Won't she make a lovely Bride of Frankenstein?

Happy Haunting my friends! Are you Trick or Treating tonight?



Shannon said...

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love the nerd costume ;) that's FUNNY!

Hannah said...

First of all, that Cinderella costume is completely PERFECT and the little girl in it is adorable! Second, those mummy cupcakes are freakin' cute! And third, you are the most chic and stylish nerd I've ever seen! Yay for Halloween festivities.

Charlotte said...

Z-cakes is a perfect Cinderella.

I love your real clothes. They remind me distinctly of Emily's. And that's an awesome thing.

Happy Halloween! We're planning on spending our evening at the in-laws' eating chili and watching Halloween episodes of our favorite shows.

Femme Facetious said...

That Cinderella costume...fantastic! **applauds** I wish I could sew like you. You are...sew...creative. (hides face in shame, bad pun)

And you are the cutest nerd ever. I am just going as myself, of course, which is scary enough, and Evelyn is going as a sharktopus. Yep. I will have to send you a picture :)

Staci said...

Isn't it fun to have a SIL? I love all 8 of mine...

siberianluck said...

I'm way impressed with the cinderella dress! Also - your glasses look good, I think you chose well.

noisy penguin said...

Excellent job with Z's costume! I am impressed! Will says that Z looks very princessy, and he likes your glasses, and he thinks the mummy cookies look pretty fantastic. I agree with him.

annie (the annilygreen one) said...

if by "nerd" you mean "j.crew model" then, yes, i like your nerd costume too.

Liz said...

Oh my heck I didn't hear about the nerd comments. That is pretty hilarious though, and you are so nice and gracious to not lash out at them. ;) Hope you come trick or treating to our house tonight!

Jaime said...

Ha! Hilarious post. :) I'm still chuckling about your chic nerdiness, a bazillion adorable mummies and your tease about the wedding dress--my heart skipped a beat when I read that. I do believe it is our turn to come see you.... Let's get together. :)

Katharina said...

She is darling and delicious. Way to go, Mama!

And your nerd costume is rad.

steve said...

I love your nerd costume.

Jen said...

You did a beautiful job on her dress!

michelle said...

Little Cinderella is amazingly cute. Nice job on the girl and the dress!

I am dying over your "nerd costume." And yes, your fashion does remind me of Emily, always always a good thing.

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