01 November 2011

Right Now

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit friends! I'm thrilled that today is the first day of November.


Right now I am...

:: Keeping a close eye on a little princess who is feeling under the weather today.

:: Snacking on a piece of my mom's delicious apple pie. The last treat left from my brother's birthday.

:: Sipping Egyptian Licorice tea. Mmm.

:: Remembering to tell you to go enter Amanda's amazing giveaway! While secretly

:: hoping that I'll be the winner.

:: Wishing my order from Knit Picks would arrive so I can get to knitting.

:: Waiting for N8tr0n to get home from Home Depot and fix our water heater.

:: Hating that we don't have hot water.

:: Looking at the buckets of apples from my mom's tree and wondering when I'll get around to making more apple sauce.

:: Admiring my newly organized basement food storage closet.

:: Searching for a perfectly amazing patterned arm chair for our living room.

:: Pretending we have the money to buy one if I find it.

:: Taking a break from fertility medicine and feeling completely relieved as a result.

:: Reading Dracula and being totally creeped out when it gets dark.

:: Editing pictures from my birthday party. I still need to give you the details and there is no way I'm letting it go undocumented.

:: Listening to the new album by Beirut. Holy moly it is good.

:: Feeling thankful for my sweet family. Immediate and extended. We are so blessed to have each other.

:: 8juyyhgggtrv;;lppo90 (Says Z-cakes. She said she wanted to help me.)

::Thinking that all of you are pretty fantastic. Thank you for reading, commenting, emailing, and being rad.



Charlotte said...

Oo so much to comment on!

Now that I know about Knit Picks I probably won't ever be able to buy yarn from Michael's again.

Isn't Dracula super creepy? I love it. We'll have to have a better discussion of this book via email I think. The short of it though? Dracula is awesome.

I am relieved for your relief about the meds. Again, this might be better expressed via email.

And I think that you're fantastic. Like, really.

Tiffany said...

Still here, still reading, still adoring you. Have a lovely November day!

Kricket said...

You are so fun to read about!

emily said...

I love Beirut! My boyfriend turned me onto them, and I've been listening ever since. Have you seen this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FH8vgAp4VDU&feature=related. We like it.

Sorry for being an absentee friend/blog follower.


michelle said...

I am heartily sorry that I did not read this post earlier (i.e., in time to enter that giveaway!). Seriously awesome giveaway. And since I couldn't enter it, I hope you win! I'm cool like that.

I haven't heard of Beirut, but now I will check them out.

So glad you have hot water again.

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