04 November 2011

Random Friday


:: Sometimes I like to pretend that I am the kind of person who has personalized stationary for which to write to-do lists on. This leads to me drawing headers on the top of all of my post-it notes. Do you do that too? No? Just me?

:: N8tr0n and I have big plans for the weekend that I have been looking forward to for a few weeks. I can't wait to tell you about it in a Weekending post. What are your plans for the weekend?

:: I just painted my fingernails gold.

:: N8tr0n fixed our water heater (thank you, N8tr0n!) and slightly flooded the basement in the process. Fortunately no damage was done and truthfully I'm kind of glad it happened. I've been meaning to organize that side of the basement for a year and now I have no choice. Wish me luck.

:: We are supposed to get snow this weekend.


:: I can't think of another time in my life when I have been happier.



R. Pyper said...

I love reading your blog because I always feel happier afterward. :) Thanks.

Nate said...

That's a good picture of me. Way better than the ones on your post about refinishing the deck where I looked like I was about to kill someone... or had just killed someone... or at least wanted to kill someone.

michelle said...

Oh, that last sentence is pure gold, Miranda! I'm happy for you!

Rachel said...

I am happy that you are happy!!!!

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