06 November 2011











To say that I had fun at our first ever letterpress class this weekend would be a devastating understatement. I was positively giddy the entire time. I could have spent hours at the Idaho Poster and Letterpress studio searching every drawer and fingering all of the gorgeous type. But since our time was limited, I pulled a few cards and then busied myself with picture taking and question asking. Good luck getting me to shut-up about letterpress from here on out.

But that wasn't all that made our weekend so fantastic. We also went to see Ira Glass speak at BSU! I figured seeing this show was as close as I was going to get to having him over for dinner. Of course I loved every second and wish I had it all on tape so that I could listen to the entire thing again. If he is on his way to your town, I would highly recommend attending. And if you do, let's chat about what it is like to tell people about your weekend plans. For example, I had this conversation several times in the last two weeks:

"Any plans for the weekend?"
"Yeah! We're going to see Ira Glass!"
"Blink...blink. To see what?"
"Oh. He's the host of This American Life. A...radio program?....on...NPR?"
"Yeah. Anyway..."

I hope your weekend was equally as wonderful. Today Z-cakes and I both have coughs so we're going to be wearing flannels and watching a lot of movies. I can't say I'm complaining.



Charlotte said...

A letterpress class?? I can't convey the depth of my jealousy. The good kind of jealousy, though. The kind of jealousy that makes me happy that at least someone I know got to take a letterpress class.

And I'm also seriously jealous about your night with Ira Glass! I love This American Life! That is so cool.

noisy penguin said...

I'm jealous of your weekend. Jerk.

siberianluck said...

When nate told me about the plan, I at least understood what it was! Nevermind I kept forgetting why you were going to Boise (for some reason the cross state travel is the only thing that stuck in my mind)

Tiffany said...

You had me at Ira Glass. I love him.

michelle said...

Oh! I don't know which part I am most jealous about! Sounds like the most perfect weekend.

Hannah said...

You're husband planned that? Sounds like you are the perfect pair! What a perfect weekend!

Tanya said...

Ira Glass is my boyfriend.

bethany said...

I don't trust people who don't know who Ira Glass is.

Rachel Whipple said...

Jealous. Sounds so great!

camillewells said...

Oh man! I've always wanted to take a letterpress class. I had no idea we had a place in Boise! Sign me up...

Jen said...

The This American Life Guy? Are you serious? Did you tell him, "Hey I have a friend that uses your show as writing prompts!" I am way jealous!

Susan said...

we saw ira when he was here as well.
seriously, the best.

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