13 April 2012


Today's weather called for "a nice long walk."

It has taken me a full week to recover from our two weeks of vacation but I think I finally have my act together.  The beds are made, the chickens are fed (not before I heard them screeching in hunger), and there is pizza dough rising on the counter for dinner.  Speaking of pizza, remember when I asked if anybody has the perfect red sauce recipe?  Turns out that the Fred Meyer brand pizza sauce (pizza parlor style) is de-freakin-licious, so that is what we use now.  Sorry if you don't live by a Fred Meyer.  Perhaps I could mail you some?

Drawing something

We have a pretty low-key weekend planned.  A birthday barbecue for my sister-in-law, some super exciting work out in the shed, and church on Sunday.  Any exciting weekend plans for you?

Right now I'm looking at the mostly dying tulips on my table and thinking it is probably time to put them to rest. After that it is off to the pediatrician for Z's 4yr. well-child check.  I may have skipped her 3yr entirely.  She may have to get some shots this time. I may not have warned her about that possibly. I may have to make it up to her with fro-yo for lunch.


noisy penguin said...

The kids are both pointing at the computer and shouting "ZAYLEY!" I think we all miss you guys.

Katharina said...

So nice to see you writing! I hope your weekending is beautiful.

Unknown said...

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