19 March 2012

March 19th

{our backyard, as I type}

You know, March is full of this kind of day.  The kind of day that breaks your heart.  You may try to tell yourself that this is going to happen.  You've lived in Idaho for 24 years of your life, you know this is going to happen.  And even though it was spring-y last week, and even though you've been watching the tulips sprout in your front yard, this is going to happen.  It is going to get cold again.

Well this year, I have a plan!  I'm not going to let March bring me down! (I've never been on good terms with March, as you may have noticed.)  First of all, I checked the weather, and this cold isn't going to last long.  So there's that.  Second of all, I slept in, which was totally rad.  And third of all, my to-do list is filled with things I want to do instead of the usual list of things I need to do.  Writing this post was in fact on the very top of that list because come on already!  Write a post!  Other activities today will include making granola, water coloring with Z, and beginning a full-fledged, multi-day, spring cleaning attack on the house.  Turns our that if you put it off long enough you can actually start to want to clean your house.


Hil said...

March seriously is not a favorite of mine either. I love your approach to tackling days like today. Happy spring!

Jason & Makenna said...

So funny to read this and remember what it's like to live somewhere with four normal seasons. I was so excited for our dreary, rainy, hail and thunder weekend. Since like 99% of our days are sunny (not to rub salt in the wound!for three months it's unbearable sunny/hot!) it is soooo nice to have a stormy weekend. We need to house swap for a week or two!

Rachel said...

"Turns out that if you put it off long enough you can actually start to want to clean your house." Ahhhh, this resonates today :) Love it. Also I have been dreary this week too with all the cold weather, but I am looking forward to 70 degrees on Friday!!! Love you!

Hannah said...

Utah and Idaho and their random snow showers until June. Such teases.

Way to be positive. I need to follow your lead. (I read in my anatomy textbook last night that 1/3rd of the dust in our homes is actually our dead skin that has sluffed off! And...that is the #1 food source for mites. And their poop hurts our immune system and makes us get sick easily. Gross. Am now extremely motivated to dust every corner of our house.)

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