13 September 2012

Let's do this preschool thing

If you're on Instagram there is no doubt that you've seen approximately 1,000,000 kids' first day of school pictures.  Well it's time to suck it up for a few more minutes because now it's my turn to show off my adorable child's first day of preschool.  Check it:

There it is!

Last year instead of sending Z to a traditional preschool I participated in a co-op with a bunch of other moms in our neighborhood.  As a result I spent an entire school year listening to her ask me if she could go to "real school...you know, with like, teachers at a school and stuff?"  So yeah, no fooling her with fake preschool anymore apparently.

Despite having just moved here, the search for Z's preschool was a rigorous one.  First I went to church and found a woman who had a four-year-old.  Then, I asked her where she sent her kids to preschool.  The next day I called that school and upon learning that they had openings enrolled my Z.  No questions.  The end.

Right after I enrolled her I sat down at the computer to order her a backpack.  Just as I was about to add this gem to my online cart, Z happened to look over my shoulder and said, "Oooh!  A ladybug backpack!  I want that one!"

Me:  Oh yeah? That one is really nice but I'm going to get you this owl one.
Her:  No.  I want the ladybug.  The ladybug is beautifuler.
Me:  But honey!  Owls are really cool!  Everybody loves owls!
Her:  Well I don't love owls!  I love ladybugs!  And butterflies!
Me:  Can't I please get you this cool owl?
Her:  No!  I don't want cool!  I want beautiful!

You can already guess who won this discussion:

New backpack for preschool!

Judging by her reaction, I think I made the right decision.


dw said...

Well, you knoooowwwww, M, you could still get the owl backpack.

*for yourself*coughcough*

No-one would ever know...

(PS: Use it for your knitting projects.)

michelle said...

Look how much hair she has now!

I loved reading about your rigorous search.

Kimberlee said...

Well, I'm not on Instagram so this is only like the 8th first day of school pictures I've seen. And I am so glad you posted it. She looks adorable, and excited, and all.grown.up {sob}! I swear she's already gotten tons bigger since we saw you last {sob, sob}. And the ladybuy backpack is beautiful indeed. Ha.

Kimberlee said...

P.S. I had to type the verification word FIVE TIMES before I could leave that comment. No, I am not a robot but I'm no rocket scientist either, shesh!

Jaime said...

Ha! Ashtyn totally has the owl backpack. Because it is blue, and she likes blue.... We got it last year for preschool and are using it this year again for K, buuuuttt her teacher wants her to take this binder back and forth to school...I can't zip it up. whatever, it's too cute to get a different one. Although, we did accesorize this year with the coordinating lunch tote.

Hannah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hannah said...

I've always loved that owl backpack, but the ladybug is quite darling too. Z is looking so grown up! Love those curls!

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