08 January 2009

Dude! How did I know?

So I decided to pop on over and see what Oprah was up to today because it's 4:00 and I seem to have nothing better to do. Suze Orman was on and she just happens to be my favorite financial guru! (Also, Kristen Wigg does a hilarious impersonation of her on SNL) I only caught the last 15 min. of the show, but I saw the 2009 financial pledge that Suze challenged everyone to take. Check it out:
  • Don't spend money for one day.
  • Don't use a credit card for one week.
  • Don't eat at a restaurant for one month.
Ummm....any of those bullets look familiar? I've already been thinking about giving up eating out for an entire month as one of my New Year's resolutions! I'm so smart. Just like Suze.

Okay but seriously, this goal has really been stressing me out (and I haven't even committed to it yet!). N8tr0n and I LOVE eating out. I'm sad to think about how much money we would save if we didn't eat out so much but it has become a hobby for us and it's something we truly enjoy. We're going to need lots of encouragement when the time comes for us to take the leap.

This post was just supposed to be about how I pre-emptively took the Suze Orman pledge. I'll stop now before it gets anymore lame.

P.S. You can download one of Suze's books for a limited time on Oprah's website.



Gail said...

IF you make that resolution about not eating out, you could use Bill and me as your inspiration. But a caution...... people might start calling you old and boring :)

Rowan said...

Miranda, Sprinkles is coming to Denver. It is an "up scale" cup cake shop.
BTW - not spending money for a day is easy. Not eating out is like trying to climb Pike's Peak.
This is Neve - Rowan can't type.

Emmylou said...

I'm commenting because I can. Yippeee!!! Anyway, good goals! Josh wishes I would make the same, but I gotta do what I gotta do for the economy. Just kidding! :) I can do all except for not go out to eat, especially while being pregnant. Good job, Suze Orman probably just read your blog and took your idea.

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