31 January 2009

February Eve

As I sit here listening to my husband kill Zombies (Left4Dead*) on this February eve, I'm thinking that I'm extremely happy I decided to make new goals for myself every month. It's great to know that I accomplished at least one of my goals, and that I can start anew on the ones I may have struggled with. Here's a quick re-cap of January's goals before I move on to February's maddness.

1. Exercise. This is definitely what I put most of my energy into and it worked! I'm looking forward to my reward that I promised myself if I accomplished this goal--a new pair of running shoes!

2. Spiritual Study...mmmmm this still needs some work.

3. Scrapbook pages. Well, I didn't get one done every week but I got a couple done! Here's a sample:

Okay moving on....

1. My scripture study goal is moving up to the number one position this month. Same criteria apply.

2. Finish one half-finished project. I have many projects to choose from and my goal is to completely finish ONE OF THEM.

3. Knit something. I'm pretty sure I cannot continue calling myself a knitter if I go this entire winter without knitting anything. Again, this goal is fairly straightforward. KNIT. SOME. THING.

Speaking of knitting, have you knitters out there joined Ravelry yet? It's like the goodreads of knitting and I love it! I promise you'll be happy you checked it out.
*1,963 zombies were harmed during the making of this post.



noisy penguin said...

I joined Ravelry right when it started, but completely forgot about it until now. I don't think I ever did anything with my profile either. I'm kind of a boring knitter though.

michelle said...

I LOVE Ravelry!

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