03 March 2009

Well Hello There March!

Hmmm....it looks as though this blog is turning into a one-post-a-month type blog. I'm not a big fan of that. I'll try to do better this month but alas, regularly updating my blog was not one of the goals that made it into my Three Things monthly goals. So, before I reveal my goals for March (I can see you all sitting on the edges of your seats) would you like to hear how I did on my February goals?

Well...not very damn good.

1. Scripture study--okay, clearly this is something I need to work on but it is like pulling teeth to get myself to do it. I'm going to take it off the public list of goals so that I can quit boring you. Also, it will help curb my guilt.

2. Finish one half-finished project.--I was so going to do this two weeks ago. I went down into the basement and got out the nearly finished diaper bag that I started on when Z-cakes was still a fetus face. However, and much to my dismay, the pattern is nowhere to be found. Seriously you guys I looked everywhere and I can't find it. And I don't have any money to buy a new one. If any of you own this pattern, I would like to borrow it please yes.

3. Knit something.--okay now we're talkin'. Check this out:

This hat was so fun and easy to make that I almost feel like it is cheating as far as fulfilling the goal goes. I love this hat some much. I put it on Z-cakes every day that it isn't 70 degrees outside and we always get so many comments. To celebrate my accomplishment of this one goal (good thing I set my expectations low) I bought myself this loverly yarn:

Mmm...this yarn is so soft and 2-ply-y. I've already started knitting it into a neck warmer that I most likely won't even be able to wear until next winter. I keep telling myself I should knit this yarn up slowly since it will probably be my last knitting of the season (a season consisting of two knitting projects, mind you) but I never listen to myself and so I'm almost done with it. I've actually never been that good at delaying gratification.

And so for March. The theme for goals this month is NOT SPENDING MONEY. Here I go:

1. Sew three aprons: One for Laurel, one for the Tie One On theme, and one for myself out of felted sweaters (a tiny obsession I have recently picked up).

2. Organize my paper stash: Oh the satisfaction I could get from organizing this crazy stash. It has been a mess for about five years and needs some serious weeding out.

3. DON'T EAT OUT THE ENTIRE MONTH! That's right folks, we're doin' it. We're on day three and going strong so far...wish us luck because I can absolutely guarantee that we'll need it.



noisy penguin said...

Woo woo! I'm totally on board with goal 1. =)

My knitting season has consisted of two pairs of Fetching, except that I still need to finish the second glove of the second pair. My poor sister may not get that part of her Christmas present until May.

Serin said...

I never should've told you my friend was making me an apron. ;)

That hat is adorable! And the model is super cute too.

I am wishing you all the luck with goal #3. May the force be with you.

siberianluck said...

I'll try to support you guys on goal #3, but don't you start poisoning rachel with those kind of ideas!

Anonymous said...

If you make it the whole month without going out to dinner, I'll buy you dinner next time we see you! :) That's a great goal...one I would like to try, but I know I'll probably fail. Thanks for your blog...I'm inspired by you. Miss you, love you.

P.S. I totally want that hat for Sajay.

michelle said...

Way cute hat! I'm kind of obsessed with knitting now, so I don't think I'll be able to limit myself to a season...

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