27 October 2009

Yay Puhkins!


We went to the Rock Creek pumpkin patch on Monday and had a wonderful time.


I adore pumpkin patches so much that I hardly bat an eye at the extra cost of picking the perfect pumpkin out of a field. You're paying for the experience right? I like it better than rummaging around a giant cardboard box in front of a grocery store (not that there's anything wrong with getting pumpkins at a grocery store, I mean...you do what you gotta do to get a pumpkin). Luckily N8tr0n understands how much going to the patch means to me so he politely pretends not to care about the cost either.


I was actually surprised at how much fun Z-cakes had there. (I think her bald head tricks me into thinking that she is younger than she is...that and the fact that she is learning stuff at lighting speeds and it's freaking me out.) She wandered around with us exclaiming "Puhkin!" "Puhkin!" "Smoo Puhkin!" (smooth pumpkin). She even agreed to let us have a little photo shoot.


When I was a kid, I used to hate the fact that my birthday was in October because all the pictures in the calendars were of stupid pumpkin fields. Nothing but brown and orange. I wanted my birthday to be in June or August when all the calendars had flowers and PINK STUFF. Obviously, my views have changed and I now think that fields of brown filled with orange globes are downright gorgeous. I could hardly contain myself with the camera and the acres of pumpkins.


We took our time picking out the perfect pumpkins. We had to be especially careful because a recent freeze had left many of them ruined. We picked out the ones we liked the most and then had to line them up for an elimination round.


I care a great deal for the tall skinny pumpkins. Maybe because I'm short? Every year I tell myself that it is time to search for a round one, but inevitably find myself gravitating to the Berts of the pumpkin world. I actually had to leave the family for a bit to go on a tall pumpkin quest. I was quite happy with my find (pictured far left on the lineup above).


As we were getting ready to pay I saw a box full of perfectly miniature pumpkins that I thought were called Jack-be-Littles but I now see were actually called baby bears. It didn't really matter what they were called because as soon as I saw them I believe I said "holy crap" and then filled my arms with them. I knew they would go perfectly with the white Jack-be-Littles that I brought home from Washington.



And since I can't think of a decent way to wrap this post up, I'll just show you another picture of Z-cakes. Here she is learning how to smile for the camera that seems to be glued to her mom's face all of the time. She's saying "eeee!"


Have a lovely Tuesday!



urban craft said...

Your little pumpkin has a little pumpkin! So cute. Love the headband.

Greeneyes said...

Ooooohh, fun!

Serin said...

I wanna be like you. Seriously. You're always doing such fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

Miranda, oh how I love your posts. They make me laugh, and they make me feel like I talk to you more than I do. (Sorry about that, by the way. I'll try to do better.) Particularly on days like your birthday--which I remembered, of course, as I went to celebrate my nieces birthday (same day). But then forgot to call later. Love ya! Really, even when I dont' call. :)

michelle said...

There's nothing quite like going to the pumpkin patch. I love that you had to have an elimination round. I quite like the Berts of the pumpkin world as well.

Jaime said...

Lovely for real. Love all the pictures of your pumpkin, the real pumpkins and the wonderful fall weather. :)

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