01 December 2009

About that race


Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit yall, it's December! (You may have noticed...)

My first day of December was pretty slow. I've been feeling under the weather since we got home yesterday and haven't moved far from the couch. I'll spare you any details, and here's hoping that I'm feeling better tomorrow.

Fortunately for you, N8tr0n has graciously given me his laptop so that I can let you know that I am alive and that we are home from Idaho safe and sound. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Z-cakes was over the moon with attention from both sets of grandparents! The food lovingly prepared by the mothers was so abundant that it runneth over the table. No seriously, we had to bring in stools to hold the excess food that wouldn't fit on the table.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. There are a few of you who would like to know how the Turkey Trot went. I am happy to report that it was fantastic. We finished five minutes faster than I thought we would (and seven minutes faster than Erica thought we would!) and we were both able to run the entire time. Of course "run" is a relative term as we may or may not have been passed by a speed walker during the last third of the race. Ha!

I definitely need to reiterate that Erica is freakin' fantastic. She is the friend I know I can call and say "hey, you wanna do this physically exerting event that we are by no means prepared for?" and I know she'll say..."sure!"

Am coldy

The race started at 8:00 AM (ish) and there was a great turnout.



This picture demonstrates Erica's wicked pace. She was always two steps in front of me, and when I tried to catch up, she would speed up too! The nerve. She said something about thinking that the faster she ran, the sooner she would be done. Nonsense if you ask me.


N8tr0n was our diligent photographer popping up in unexpected places to document the action. Unfortunately, the camera's battery died just before we crossed the finish line! We nabbed this "after" picture through the magic of taking the battery out and putting it back in again.

Looking happier after the race. Always a good sign.

After the race, N8tr0n and I headed home so that I could work on normalizing my body temperature and commence with the eating. I was successful in both endeavors.

Place card design here

Apparently at some point during the day I lost all abilities to take a picture that was both in focus and adequately exposed. This was the only picture of food that turned out half-decent. I suppose it is perfect though...as far as I'm concerned pie is the real star of Thanksgiving. Also, in case you were wondering...pie is better when there are giant globs of butter hidden under the crust.

Apple pie pre-second crust + baking

I've enjoyed reading all of the things that the people of blogland are thankful for this year. I especially enjoyed my sister-in-law's post about being thankful for modern conveniences. A hearty AMEN to that!

And now I'm off to continue convalescing. But I assure you I will be back soon with more pictures from Idaho (Pioneer Woman inspired), sage advice for new knitters, and details about my second favorite winter-time craft. Please do check back often and enjoy December!


Greeneyes said...

Pie should be mandatory to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

And way to work that 5K, girlie. {Forsaking my Rocky Mountain roots, I kept the trotting indoors on the treadmill; much warmer that way.}

michelle said...

Way to go on your race! (Did you make that cute hat you are wearing?) I don't even want to think about how long it would take to get my core body temperature back down to normal after a race.... shudder.

Hope you feel better soon!

Hil said...

way to finish that 5k. I'm very impressed. I'm glad you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Thank you for all of your sweet comments during this hard time. Your words and prayers have brought so much peace and comfort and I am so grateful for them.

Anonymous said...

Hello, love! It was a pleasure wogging with you. :) Thanks for the memories! Sorry you are under the weather; hope you feel better soon! Can't tell you how good it was too see you (there are no words). Loves!

Staci said...

I love that you have a friend like Erica!

I have a friend who asked me to participate in a cleanse during one of our recent girl's weekends. Now that's pushing the limits of friendship, but it's all good. We both had our own bathroom, and I really would do anything for her anyway.

Glad you enjoyed the visit. I want to visit with you in person some day.

Cassie said...

I hope you feel better soon and are getting lots of TLC. Wrap up warm and rest - you deserve it after all that exertion. Well done you xx

Debi said...

Hi Mandy!!!! John and I were reading Hil's blog and found your comment and went to your site. So good to see you and Erica together and you both look great!!! Congratulations on completing your 5K that is great! We still miss you and hope all is well with your family. Love you lots!!!

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