02 December 2009

Thank You Anthropologie

N8tr0n handed me the Anthropologie holiday catalog that came in the mail today and I was immediately cooing over this picture on the cover.

Felt Soap002

At first I thought I was looking at a pile of felted rocks like the ones I made with my mother-in-law during our vacation on the coast this summer.

Felted Rocks

However, upon further investigation I found that they were actually felted bars of soap. Too cool.

Am thinking that if I can felt rocks I can felt soap...am guessing I can diy those puppies into some sweet stocking stuffers (and for a song compared to the Anthro price). Aaaaand I've just figured out what I'm getting the rest of the people on my Christmas list. Yessssss!



Greeneyes said...

I recently saw the felty soaps in person.

They ARE terribly cute, and I would have been all over them, but they smelled a little too nuts + berries meets patchouli. (You know...eau de Whole Foods?)

I bet yours will beat the pants off the Anthro stuff.

paws said...

I don't really get it. How do you felt a bar of soap without wasting half the soap? Can you use the soap with the felting in place? I'm assuming it's not removable...Please clarify!

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