02 March 2010

Slow Morning

My wonderful cousin, Staci, sent me this beautiful table runner in the mail the other day. She's been making runners like a mad woman--becoming an expert with the stipple foot of her trusty sewing machine. She said that after finishing this one, it looked like me. And given the *gasp* I let out when I saw the colors, I can only guess that she's right.


Thank you, Staci.

I'm helping to plan a baby shower for a dear friend of mine which includes apprenticing one of the best party planners I know. I've been plotting ways to soak up some of her talents since the first time I attended one of her famous Christmas parties. Here is a little sneak peak at the invitations I'm working on today.


Am starting off my morning slowly. Which translates to sitting in my bathrobe reading blogs. But when I finally do get rolling, I'm planning to have a fun day filled with finding joy. I'm teaching a little cooking class for the ladies at my church tonight and am very excited. It should be fun. I also plan on posting again today (and if not today then first thing tomorrow morning) with a little something that will help me get to know all of you better! Fingers crossed.



Sarah said...

beautiful - I love that it will go with any color scheme.

nina said...

Good job Staci. You are right it does look like her.

Staci said...

Have to admit that I was curious to see whether it'd be photographed on your end. So glad you like it!

Micalena Perkins said...

I distinctly remember a trip to Utah where I went to The Quilted Bear with you and your mother. I should have paid better attention! Why did you ever let me go astray? If I lived closer to you, I would come weekly to your basement for private lessons. Seriously. That would be totally rad. Unfortunately my domestic bone is missing. Not for lack of passively dreaming about creating something beautiful. LOVE YOU! You inspire me. XO

michelle said...

That's some good mail there, handcrafted and personalized!

Now, show me what is going on with the orange and aqua, drool.

ellen said...

I love that table runner! I think I'm going to make something like that for Christmas presents this year. It's beautiful!

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