01 September 2010

Girls, Summer, & Ice Cream





I've spent the last couple of evenings loading essentially all of our pictures from Summer onto Flickr. When I spotted these pics from June I couldn't resist sharing. My best friend, Jen, and I have daughters that are four months apart. Even though they live far away and have little chance of being BFF the way Jen and I are, it's nice to know that they both share one important trait with their mothers. An undying and deeply rooted love of ice cream.

Happy September! Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit!



Rachel said...

That is so cute, and it is like seeing a miniature Jen and Mandy 26 years ago, just chilling having some frozen dairy together :) There is no doubt whose is whose is there.

Nate said...

Azalea looks like she's trying to figure out how she can have both her and Claire's ice cream in the second picture.

Greeneyes said...

Did you find the amazing Tastee Treet? Best chocolate malt in town.

JMay said...

They are so cute, seriously-aww!

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