29 October 2010

Just now

I'm sitting at the computer minding my own business when that stupid mouse who is still alive runs into the living room! THE SAME ROOM THAT I AM IN! What the? I am very much not okay with this.

I'm going to have to suck it up and buy some of those old fashioned traps that you apparently all swear by. Or some poison. I like Michelle's/Rendy's idea for poison.

Seriously though, this mouse has to die.



Nikkala said...

We had a mouse in the house last year (okay more than 1). And I hate mice. HATE. My husband was out of town when I spotted the critter, so my dad drove 2 hours to take care of the situation. We now have snap traps, sticky traps, live traps and poison guarding our house. You really can't be too cautious. Unfortunately, all forms of traps have caught mice (in the garage thankfully).

Kelli said...

Eeekkk...Get him!!!

Rachel said...

Okay, so here is what we did.....the mice were coming in through a hole under the sink where the pipe came in from the wall. We placed like three of those big old plastic snappy traps from CAL Ranch (they have a great supply of mice killing stuff) We overloaded our traps with peanut butter, then we placed them so that the side with the peanut butter is against the wall, that way as the mouse is running along it will just snap it up. We caught 4 in our house, and like 12 in our garage. Apparently there is quite an infestation this year. The farmers are going to spray the fields to kill a bunch of them because they lost a ton of crops due to the dang mice. I wish you luck! I hope you come home from your moms to a bunch of dead mice.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I feel your pain. I was sitting on the couch on Friday night when a mouse decided to run across the floor. And then he just stopped! In the middle of the floor! Of course my fury beast dog could have cared less so all I could do was scream. It finally moved along. The next morning I set traps everywhere. I caught it within an hour. Then I was forced to bleach every surface in my house because having a mouse in your house IS NOT OK!!!!!! I hate those little varmits. I hope you catch yours soon and that no more return.

steve said...

don't forget the old rule of thumb... for every mouse you see, there are at least five you don't.

(sleep tight)

michelle said...

Oh, Steve! Even if that's true, it's just cruel.

Greeneyes said...

I hate Steve's mouse rule. Mostly because I'm afraid it's true.

When Miss Kitty espied a mouse in our last house, she honest-to-goodness zipped out of the bathroom BACKWARDS, as fast as her little paws would go. We have since had a meeting on how she needs to earn her catnip and all.

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