29 October 2010

Makes Me Happy 010

Very red Malabrigo yarn makes me happy. I picked up a couple of skeins at Fancy Tiger last week and I have had it sitting on my desk so that I can admire it.


This yarn's fate has already been decided: a beret for myself. Because I seem to be very selfish with my knitting lately. I've been on the hunt for the perfect beret pattern. I've been looking for something that has cables and bobbles and is generally fabulous. I think I found it. What do you think? Doesn't it look perfect? The best part is that Jared Flood's Laurel pattern can be purchased for immediate download on Ravelry!
Ahh, Ravelry. I shall never tire of your instant gratification.

Happy Halloween Weekend Everyone!

"Makes Me Happy" is a mini-series that will be featured through the month of October. It's purpose is to celebrate the small-inexpensive luxuries in life that bring a smile to my face. Please play along if you'd like. Embrace the everyday.



Gail said...

Very cute/fun pattern. I'm impressed with your bravery - it looks complicated.

Staci said...

So cute!

Rachel said...

I love it, I can't wait to see it on you!

michelle said...

Well, I don't know which I love more, Malabrigo yarn or Fancy Tiger. Probably a tie. Looks like a fabulous hat! I want a slouchy beret as well.

dw said...



And yes, that beret is lovely. Jared Flood is my *other* secret boyfriend. I loves him.

I also really like this beret/slouchy hat-thing:


Oh, and re: mice? Peanut butter. And snappy old-fashioned mouse traps. A pair of old cooking tongs work wonders for disposal of "full" traps. Don't bother emptying the traps, just buy a pack of them and chuck them as the mice meet their doom.

Don't poison them unless you know what you're doing, you might end up with some nasty surprises when they don't manage to vacate the premises before succumbing within your walls.

Go ahead. Ask me how I know. The stench will forever be imprinted on my psyche.

paws said...

I'm thinking of making this hat for my SIL for Christmas. Do you think it would look good a burgundy-ish tweed?

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