18 November 2010

Handmade Holiday :: Reader Questions


Hello! Don't you think it is about time I posted a couple of those reader questions I promised? Me too. Let's do this.

My friend Rendy made this request:

I need IDEAS!!! I rarely read blogs, so I don't see the cute stuff that's out there. My homemade Christmas list includes: some "prints"- graphic designed, framed little artworks that are mostly gospel/hymn related. An apron and some sewn "food" for my daughter. Perhaps some rice neck-warmer thingies. (LAME) As you can see- I'm in dire need of some IDEAAAAAS! Help!

Okay Rendy. First of all, you have a great list started! Plus, those "rice neck-warmer thingies" are not lame. They're rad. That being said, here are a few more idea:

:: Skip to My Lou is a great blog to keep in mind for inspiration. They have excellent tutorials (I used this one to make a crayon roll; but I really like this tutorial for an entire art case) and handy round-ups such as this one featuring free bag patterns! Browse their site for a while and you're sure to find some inspiration.

:: If you're making an apron and food for your daughter, she's going to need a chef's hat.

:: I've always wanted to make Destri's hot pad apron. Maybe for your sister-in-law?

:: The Purl Bee has kindly been compiling lists of handmade gifts that can be made in time for Christmas if you start now. I seem to remember you crochet, correct?

:: My friend made me one of these and I love it so much.

:: Have you seen this collection of felt food tutorials?

:: You're such a great photographer, I think you should make something special to show off your photos of your kids.

My friend Peggy had this question:

I just got a sewing machine a few days ago, and now I'm wondering about sewing resources on the web. Is there something akin to Ravelry? Is there a particular spot you'd point a true beginner to?

Yay new sewing machines! This question is a little tougher because I consider myself a novice at sewing too. Here are a few of the resources I turn to when I'm needing help.

:: Burda Style is the closest thing I can find to Ravelry for sewing. It can be a little intimidating but it has great tutorials and a lot of free or inexpensive patterns.

:: Sew, Mama, Sew is great not only because of their wonderful tutorials but also because you can purchase fabric and books from them.

:: Whip up is one of those all-encompassing blogs that posts inspiration, patterns, and tutorials for sewing, crocheting, knitting, and everything in between. This round-up had me oohing and ahhing.

:: I recently purchased this book and am planning on sewing my way through every project. It's a book designed to teach sewing techniques in a logical sequence, building upon the techniques you've learned with each project. The author, Deborah, also writes a great blog. Of course.

So how's that for a start? Do you have any more suggestions for Rendy and Peggy? If so, please share them! Also, I would love to learn your favorite sources for inspiration when it comes to handmade gifts. Thanks for sharing!

Handmade Holiday 2010: A series about making it happen.



Steve Finnell said...
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laurie b said...

thanks for all the great resources!!! now i just need about six more work-free months. :-)

The Peterson's said...

Just chiming in to say that I heart your blog and all your amazing ideas, and all the amazing ideas you share from other people! Thanks bunches and bunches! Can't wait to read more!

cksknitter said...

thepurlbee.com has lots of great craft kits that can be made into appropriate gifts. Even if you don't want to purchase the gifts, The Purl Bee has lots of motivational ideas!

I just discovered your blog and I relate to your creativity. I'll be lurking often.

Rendy Tucker said...

Haha! You're so awesome! I'm totally honored to be one of your quetion-askers. :) And SO many great links there. I'll have to bookmark this post for the rest of my life. Funny thing is I was just coming back to your blog to look at your play kitchen. You're pretty much a super-star of all things crafty! Thanks!!!

Deborah said...

I'm so glad you have a copy of Stitch by Stitch, and thanks so much for recommending it to others! Hope you make amazing things, and can't wait to see photos--bring them to the Flickr group!


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