19 November 2010

Handmade Holiday :: Gifts for Guys


I'm not going to pretend that guys are easy to give handmade gifts to. You all know better than that. In fact, Jill said that her husband was "
a mystery wrapped in a riddle and is practically gift-resistant." Yikes. That's rough. But for those guys who maybe aren't so "gift-resistant," here are a few suggestions:

For your toddler:
Have you seen Dana's collection of tutorials and patterns that "Celebrate the Boy?"
I hear the hot new thing is Matchbox car caddies!
Remember, aprons aren't just for girls!
I'm pretty sure we can never have too many molded crayons.
How about a giant spaceship?

For your tween:
I think every kid needs a sketchbook.
Even softies can be cool if they're dead.
You've heard that skinny ties are in right?
How about subway art featuring lyrics to his favorite song?

For your man:
Has anybody put this bookto the test?
Sew Mama Sew has a few suggestions.
Does he need an iphone case?
How about a laptop sleeve?
Umm...let's never forget about food, okay? I suggest these, these, or these.

So. It's your turn. Did any of these ideas help? What are you making for your man this year? Do tell. I promise he doesn't read the comments on this blog.

Handmade Holiday 2010: a series about making it happen



Hil said...

Thank you for the ideas! I seriously love that Matchbox car caddie. Oh my... I may have to be brave and make one.

So happy the cookie dough truffles made it on the list!

marta said...

such a great list! my little boy has a little cloth car caddie with cute "road" material on the backside. he LOVES it at church and on long car rides. i highly recommend them.

Brock and Kristina said...

I'm making my dad this awesome chess hardware set. He loves chess and collects different sets. Although it's not as price effective as I initally thought. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jsuits/3340377026/in/photostream/
I'm making the board out of sheet metal and adding magnets to the pieces to make them sturdier.
Thanks for the ideas!

Ben said...

Tardis quilt.

michelle said...

My man is the hardest person I know to make something for. I probably will not go that route this year. Although he was really excited the year I made him a manly snuggle flannel quilt.

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