19 November 2010

I don't think "like how" is grammatically correct


All our bags are packed
and we're ready to go. Our little family is giddy with excitement over our Thanksgiving plans. I hope that you are equally as excited about yours. I'll be posting very lightly over the next couple of weeks but I wanted to take one more opportunity to say thank you. Thank you for making the Handmade Holiday series so much fun. Thank you for your comments, emails, and enthusiasm. I'll be posting a few more series posts over the next few weeks, but the majority of the series is coming to an end. Whew.

And I must say, as much as I loved putting together this series, I've missed regular old blogging. I've missed being able to ramble and tell you about all of the random, unimportant stuff going on in my life...

Like how last weekend when I had grand plans to write all of this week's series posts I promptly got sick. As a dog.

Like how Z-cakes wants a pillow pet for Christmas. And I promise I'm not the one who suggested them.

Like how our family has some exciting news (that does not involve babies even though I said I was sick a few lines up it wasn't that kind of sick).

Like how I'm ready to tackle my "comma problem."

Like how I had a peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks the other day and suddenly the Holidays were rushing in.

Like how everyday now Z-cakes says, "I need to ask Santa for a pillow pet after Thanksgiving."

Like how I'm getting reeeeally good at not rolling my eyes at the things toddlers want for Christmas.

Happy Weekend Everyone!



Libby said...

That's so funny about the pillow pet! My 3.5 year old son wants a pillow pet this year too....the Ladybug. Dad keeps telling me to talk him into the monkey or the dog! Kids - gotta love 'em!

jt said...

Ahh!!! Bella won't shut up about the pillow pet either!! I wouldn't mind SO much if there were one that would coordinate with her room decor, but alas..
And um, hello? What is the news? I can't stand dangling comments like that!

Emmylou said...

My 3 year old wanted a pillow pet and a skateboard last month, but now wants "Rosebud," the girl golden retriever off of the Disney movie "Snowbuddies." We are not dog people right now, nor do we plan to be by Christmas, nor do we want to dash any 3 year old's Christmas. So hopefully things change quickly back to pillow pet status soon! I totally agree about the good news! Don't dangle!

Cassie said...

I love this post - it was all full of fun and giddiness!! I had no idea what a pillow pet was, so I investigated and decided I would love a Wiggly Pig one please Father Christmas!

Hope your Thanksgiving celebrations are wonderful.

michelle said...

Awesome photo!

Fortunately, Eva has decided that pillow pets are dumb. Mostly because she has a Zoobie turtle that her aunt gave her a couple of years ago, and it is cuter. Hooray!

This reminds me of the year Max was 3.5 at Christmastime. He wanted a Nintendo 64 more than anything in the world. I wanted nothing to do with a Nintendo 64. He decided that Santa was not real and also that dreams and wishes don't really come true. You know I had to buy the damn thing, don't you?

Travelin'Oma said...

Series are hard work! Congratulations! Have a fun holiday.

Kimberlee said...

I want to tackle my "comma problem" too. Please share your game plan.

brooke said...

I just found your delightful blog and had to tell you that I've spent the last half hour reading your old posts. It is rare that I actually add new blogs to my reader because I'm trying to cut back but yours is a keeper. Keep up the good work!

Silverwinds Photography said...

Oh my can I say I hope you have a wonderful getaway but I do so miss your posts...everyday I keep hoping it will just show up on my reader so I can sit down with a cup of tea and simmer! Happy Holidays!

Rendy Tucker said...

Just so you know you're not alone- my kids have been asking for pillow-pets for a full year straight now. (Well Dylan at least, but Scarlett chimed-in as soon as she learned to talk.) I FINALLY got them some generic and giant pillow pets from Costco for a mere $16. Score. :)

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