21 January 2011

Adventures in Bedroom Painting

I finished painting the dark wall in our bedroom and stood back to admire my work. I had used up every last drop of the paint. It was perfect. Absolutely perfect. Not a flaw to be seen. And you definitely could not see that line where I had painted a sample pot of my beloved paint onto the wall. Nope. Couldn't see it at all.

I showed N8tr0n how you couldn't see the line. Sure enough, he couldn't see it either.

Can't see the line, can you Russ?

It took me a while to get over the fact that it was going to be one of those weeks where I go to Homedepotlowes every damn day. Z and I loaded up, off to buy another quart of my blessed dark brown paint which I should have bought in the beginning but was trying to be tricky and spend less than Homedepotlowes wanted me to by pricing their quarts so that buying a half gallon of paint would actually cost the same as buying a whole gallon. I KNOW.

I worried while driving to Homedepotlowes that the regular guy at the paint department would be there again. Not that I don't like him. I love him actually. But I was worried he would mock me for not buying enough paint the first time. Plus he's the only one who knows how many paint swatches I cram into my purse while I'm there. But when we walked up to the desk it was a new girl. Whew.

But then. New girl didn't have the confidence that regular guy had. When I handed her the paint + swatch she said she'd have to color match it. Well, yeeeeah. Isn't that what they do? Where is the regular guy? He was so confident! He knew how to mix my precious dark paint! I need regular guy!

Somehow I got it in my head that new girl had no idea what she was doing. While stuffing more paint swatches into my purse I worried that my paint would be the wrong color. Testing a spot on my wall (in an inconspicuous corner obviously; I read design blogs you guys. and cleaning bottle labels) gave me no relief. Was it slightly lighter? Would it changed when it dried more? I COULDN'T TELL. But at that point, guess how many iotas I cared about whether or not the paint matched. If you guessed not-a-one then you're a winner! You may claim your prize at the door that you think looks slightly lighter than the rest of the room, though you're not sure.

In a furious hurry, I painted the wall. I did my best to cover the entire wall just in case the paint actually was lighter. I scraped the edge of the ladder against the wet paint while I was trying to maneuver it in the tight space. I may or may not have said a few words that you wouldn't normally expect to hear from a nice Mormon girl.

When I was finished I stood back to admire my work walked out of the room and shut the door. I immediately sent a text to N8tr0n:

When you come home, instead of trying to figure out whether or not the paint I just put on the wall matches you can say, "Wow Miranda, that looks absolutely perfect."

When N8tr0n came home to inspect the current state of our room he was like, "Wow Miranda, this looks absolutely perfect."

And I was like, "I know, right?"

This post concludes my series entitled: Adventures in Bedroom Painting. You're welcome.



Rachel said...

Ahahahaha Cant see the line can you Russ...Love it. And I am sure it really does look absolutely perfect. I have been there, way too many times. You have my complete sympathy.

nina said...

I so know what you are talking about. You know the upstairs bathroom. That is how I felt when I got done painting it. That is why it is still that color. Maybe this summer.......or NOT!

michelle said...

You know, we would probably all be better off if we told our husbands what we want them to say more often.

Jocelyn said...

I love that you told your husband what to say when he came home:-) It would go so much better for them if we did this all the time, right?

paws said...

We had the same sort of problem when we painted our room dark blue. We had used up every last bit (including what we could squeeze out of the roller) and had a square foot area unpainted. Argh.

Brock and Kristina said...

Ah the suspense!! I totally want to see how it turned out. :) Good job nate.

dw said...


I guess we can call you a good BADASS Mormon girl, now.

Also, the tell-your-husband-what-you-want-to-hear thing is quite effective. After a while, he'll actually pick up the thread and he'll start coming up with things on his own, without prompting. I've got mine *perfectly* conditioned.

Katharina said...

You poor darling. Huzzbin calls that place the Home Despot.

And painting quite reliably brings out my inner sailor. There I am, cutting in corners and swearing up a blue streak. You're in (questionably?) good company.

Cassie said...

Oh I could almost feel the tension reading this post! So glad hubbie took the best course of action and just agreed!

Kimberlee said...

You have to be careful having Homedepotlowes mix your paint. I heard a story once where some poor saps painted the exterior of their house orange.

I can't wait to see it.

Staci said...

This is going to sound gruff because I'm married to a painter, but IT'S JUST PAINT. Don't like it or doesn't quite match, PAINT IT AGAIN! Just don't try to go lighter now that you've gone that dark...

I know - you love me.

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