19 January 2011

Up to

Here's what I've been up to today:


Painting the accent wall in our bedroom. Rich, delicious, dark brown. Or a slate gray depending on the light and your eyesight. I hemmed and hawed (one of the things I despise doing most in the world) over whether or not to paint this wall so dark. I thought about an all over blue-gray. I thought about no accent wall. I thought about bright-freaking-green. Then I decided that rather than drive myself crazy I would go with my original idea and live with the consequences. The consequences being: I love it.

N8tr0n's parents helped us put in a bathroom fan, put a fresh coat of paint on the rest of the bedroom, and install a new light switch in the bedroom. This might not sound exciting to you but we're pretty jazzed about all of it. Plus, N8tr0n got to use the saw that he got for Christmas which is a pretty big deal. I didn't take a picture of the light switch because I think you've seen one. Basically N8tr0n switched out our old loud one that goes 'click' when the light turns on to the nice silent kind.

{Dude, that is a light AND a fan. I didn't even know those existed!}

Now with the accent wall painted and the curtains in hand. I think I can see the end of the bedroom decorating in sight. Well, the majority of it anyway.

And speaking of bedroom decorating, major thank you to all of you who commented and emailed with your opinions on the mood board. You guys are the raddest. For those of you who are not a fan of the striped bed-skirt idea, N8tr0n applauds you for being on his side. You all gave me such great ideas to think about and as Z-cakes would say, "you really saved the day." Thank you, thank you.

In more decorating news: I'm obsessed with this bedding (in white). Chances are I will either try to make it or pay full price for the sucker. N8tr0n is going to hang these blinds tonight (also white) and I think this idea may be the answer to my bedside table conundrum.

Here's what else I'm up to today:
:: Helping a toddler discover that cookies follow trips to the potty. Because remember months and months ago when I said we were working on potty training? Well we both gave up about as quickly as we started and decided to revisit the matter at a later date. And that date is now.

:: Answering some of your questions in the comments (because I always mean to be better about that) and on Formspring. Keep them coming, by the way.

:: Being inspired by my beautiful friend, Rachel. I can see why she loves where she lives.

Hope you're having a wonderful day!



Hannah said...

Those bedside tables are completely awesome.

So is your paint choice.

When I buy a home, can I hire you as decorator?

Anonymous said...

Paint is great!

I'm still a fan of the yellow bed skirt, but that's just me.

Take a look at Target before getting the bedding...I think they have similar types and not so much money. http://www.target.com/Home-Latte-Kissing-Pleat-Comforter/dp/B001L74SGI/ref=sc_qi_detailbutton

Rachel said...

I really like the paint color, I want to see it all finished now....And that light/fan is so cool, I want one in my bedroom too. It looks like it is coming together nicely. You inspire me too, like all the time. I am thinking beautiful is a stretch, but it did make me feel good. Loves.

PumpkinGirl said...

Love the color! My bedroom is similar and I really worried it would look like a dirty diaper, but it's great when it's dry!

Good luck on the potty training!

Emmylou said...

That fan light has me completely intrigued. HAVE to check one out soon!

Rendy Tucker said...

So, as far as potty training goes I have a couple tips that might work for you, and might not. Kids are different like that, ya know. :)

We reward with either 2 mini marshmallows (which Scarlett calls assmellows- truly hilarious), or two chocolate chips. Then you're not spoiling her lunch.

If you have a day to spare you might try this. Give her TONS of liquids- something yummy she'll really guzzle like juice or koolaid. Put her in panties and stretch pants and sit on your kitchen floor and play whatever you can think of (coloring, play-doh, whatev) until the liquids kick in and she has to pee a million times. A day or two like that and she'll learn how to make it to the toilet in time. And then you're on the kitchen floor for any accidents- not in the car or in the dressing room at the Gap (trust me, that is not cool).

Amanda said...

love that color choice. i am also amazed that the light and fan are the same!

Sarah said...

I am confused and amazed that the light is a fan!
LOVE Love love the bedding. My only problem with white -- toddlers and babies! Yikes.

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