24 January 2011

Resolution Schmesolution

Sooooooo..... I made a big fat list of resolutions last January and just when it seemed like I was gaining some momentum and really getting around to thinking about maybe trying to do some of them, we moved. And now I'm trying to remember where exactly the time went in 2010 because it didn't actually take us seven months to move (did it?) but somehow it is seven months later and it is time to make new resolutions. But I kinda don't wanna. I have decided, instead, to use last year's resolutions. I mean, they're perfectly good resolutions! Barely used and still in style! Reduce, reuse, recycle! It's like green blogging!

Okay so let's review my old/new resolutions:

learn to sew clothing—Yikes. Already I'm doubting my decision. I mean, I really want to sew clothes, but who knows how long it will take me to get my sewing machine out of its box (speaking of, where is that box?) and then, and then find a clear surface to put it on, perhaps needing to buy a clear surface first? Spring? Summer? Oh well. I still remain resolute. Plus, I can't really fail now that I've decided resolutions have no expiration date.

organize basement—aaaaahahaha ahahaha hahaha! oooooh.... No seriously, this has to happen. The basement is where we keep the big man TV and where Community happens. If we don't make some sense of the basement I won't be able to enjoy Community and then really, why go on?

exercise 3x's per week—ummm, we're going to go ahead and modify this one. That there number is too measurable and too failable (not a word). Let's just say exercise. Oh! I know! I'll try to exercise as many times as I bake per week. Yeah. That's brilliant.

write more letters/cards—seems straight forward enough, I should be able to do that one.

meet more bloggers—Oh hey! That's you! Let's meet! Although I should say that I did meet quite a few lovely blogging ladies in 2010. I hope I can meet even more of you in 2011!

take photos in manual—Oh jeez, is this going to be on my resolution list forever? Can't I just learn this already?

create daily—This one is so challenging and so rewarding. And don't think I don't count non-craft creations too. Like the pile of clean folded laundry I just created? Totally counts.

learn to make books—(see also: my rantings about taking photos in manual)

start doing yoga again—yes.

consume less—You know, technically I rocked this resolution last year. Turns out it is super easy to buy less stuff when you have less moneys. Also, I should probably add the word "food" to this one.

declutter home—Oh heaven help me. This isn't even a choice anymore.

write daily—yes, yes.

read daily—Wow. I totally forgot that one was on there. Done! Yes! Resolved! New resolution: read 29 books before I turn 30. Ugh. I've never typed number that out before in reference to my age. We'll confront the 30 thing later.*

no more library fines—Okay, well this is kind of a crap resolution for me. It's never going to happen. NEVER. I'm going to start thinking of my library fines as my personal philanthropic contributions to my beloved library.

run a race—Hey! Maybe there will be more non-Sunday races here in the Gem State!

play more board games—Done and DONE. I was all kinds of agreeable when it came to playing board games in 2010. Just ask N8tr0n, he's the one I made the resolution for.

pray daily—mmm-hmmm

embrace dailyembrace was my "one little word" for 2010 and man, did it ever come in handy. I have a new word this year but I'm pretty sure I can still give daily life a big embrace. Sounds like a good resolution to me.

Okay! So my resolutions for 2011. Exactly the same as 2010 but for reals this year. No, but for reals. Really, really.

*I'm turning 30 this year and I know it's not a big deal and I kind of want to talk about it but I don't really want to talk about it.



Laurel said...

Ain't nothin' wrong with 30! Well. Not yet. I mean, I've still got four months for it to screw itself up, but so far 30 has been pretty sweet.

Rachel said...

30 was a good year for me, and the beginning of a brand new life in a brand new place...I am actually excited for my 30's. We also contribute generously to our local library. Such good citizens we are!

Cassie said...

I love this post Miranda, it almost felt like I was sitting at a table and we were actually talking about your resolutions! Good luck with them, can't quite believe we are almost at the end of January myself.

Thirty is not quite so scary either; my life is absolutely nothing like I imagined it would be at this age but time keeps passing by and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it but enjoy it - however much we start to creek and crack! ;)

Staci said...

Oh honey! I'm knocking on 40's door, and I can honestly say that for my marriage's sake, my mid-30s were abso-freaking-incredible!!! You have some fun ahead of you...

Charlotte said...

I love reusing resolutions. In fact, I decided to reuse this year too. Sometimes you're just not ready for new ones! I love the resolution to read, write, and create daily. A lot.

Silverwinds Photography said...

You crack me up! I am celebrating the big 30 in April and I am so so excited...even though everyone else is dreading it! I look forward to all the new things life has in store for me. So here's to us getting wiser with grace and beauty! I love your list by the way all good goals! I use manuel mode for everything.... once you get the hang of it and all the possibilities you wont go back promise!

laurie said...

great resolutions, whatever the year.
thirty was a little tough for me (i had a whole list of things i wanted to accomplish by thirty and, although i had done about 90% of them, the ones i didn't get done really bummed me out) but forty was easy (no list). :-)

kylee said...

so many good resolutions! i need to start actually working on mine for once. i make them, i love them, i forget them, i start to hate them. it's a vicious yearly cycle.

Rendy Tucker said...

Your "learn to sew clothing" project should be Anna Maria Horner's Socialite dress- which you can add a sleeve to. Email me if you want tips on that last bit. Why sew that? Because it fits everyone at every stage of life (early pregnancy-me, post-pregnancy-me, skinny-me, too many cookies-me, etc.) And because it has pockets and a dress with pockets is the bomb. :)

Serin said...

You only turn 30 once! Wanna borrow my little black dress? ;) You inspire me! ♥

jt said...

Hey! I want to sew that dress! I have the pattern on my wish list! Also, I am turning 30 sooner than you are, in June, and I'm afraid I am not going to be who or what I thought or hoped, so I totally get that. Aging doesn't bother me, but not being/achieving what I thought I would does. What to do? No, seriously. What do I do?

Katharina said...

Lovely, LOVELY resolutions. Oh, and the part where you have me guffawing aloud with your writings? That's good stuff, too.

So, does that mean I should pull the blog out of mothballs, since I've been referenced by Your Loveliness? You get my wheel turning and make me want to be creative.

p.s. I would love to talk/not talk 30-ness with you, as I'm not sure what I think of my own situation. We should, of course, include cake at that summit.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh 30. It wasn't too difficult to turn, but it was difficult for me to say. "Erica, how old are you?" *gulp* "Um, 30." YIKES! LOL. I don't know why it was hard to say, but it was. And as for races, if you want to run the firecracker with my in July at CSI, let's do it!

Kimberlee said...

I'd never stick to the "exercise as many times as I bake" thing...I'd just quit baking. :)

Lovely list my friend.

Tiffany said...

I adore you and your schmesolutions.

Tiffany said...

P.S. The thirties are amazing. Be not afraid.

michelle said...

I especially enjoyed the one about the library fines. I'm right there with you.

30 was good for me. My 30s were pretty good in general. I'm about to turn 40 in March! Not sure if I'm okay with that.

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