15 May 2011

12 on the 12th: May 2011

Turns out that the amazing weather lasted all weekend so this grid is a bit late. I make no apologies.

01. Morning chores include feeding Izzy and letting out the chickens. Morning chores are rad when it is not snowing.
02. The chicks have been busy establishing a pecking order. I think this light Ameraucana is the boss lady.
03. Raisin bran muffin + email. You didn't think I was over my muffin obsession did you?
04. Finally getting some work done for the bedroom.
05. My tulips have two layers of petals! Does anybody know anything about tulips like this?
06. Our city just started offering free curbside recycling to everybody and today they were delivering bins. Yay recycling!
07. Z-cakes spent all morning picking dandelions.
08. For lunch I had a grilled sandwich that had Nutella and fresh raspberries on it because honestly, I could think of a good reason not to.
09. Lilacs! In our back yard! Lilacs!
10. Kim and I got got our hair done. Z-cakes and J Buddy played so well together at the salon.
11. And then my hair breathed a giant sigh of relief.
12. After the salon we went to the park to enjoy every last bit of the sun. Z's outstretched arms in this pic are the perfect representation of how I felt about the day.

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kylee said...

your hair looks fab. the last picture on the swings has me all sorts of happy. love nothing more than good weather and playing outside.

jt said...

You're hair looks great!
At first I thought you said that you had a grilled CHEESE sandwich with Nutella and raspberries, and I thought, 'I can think of a reason why not to eat that!' until I reread it. I was glad.
Love the picture of Z.

Rachel said...

Your hair is so cute! I love your sunny happy pictures! So glad it was a warm weekend, we had good weather too....When it wasn't snowing :) Love you!

catherine said...

nice feel good 12 on the 12th! Your hair is super awesomely fabulous and I love z-cakes unabashed joy at swinging in the sun. very refreshing :)

catherine said...

also, my mouth is starting to water just thinking about nutella and raspberries. mmmmmmm...

Kimberlee said...

That picture of Z on the swing spells summertime perfection. I love it. And now I get what you were saying about your tulips. I needed a picture to visualize it.

Destri said...

lovin lovin the hair! And yes, we had that same kind of weekend. I love how kids demonstrate the feelings of that so much better than adults :)

April said...

I love your hair. Love it.

Charlotte said...

Those tulips.

New hair just makes me feel wonderful. I love yours. And I haven't had my hair colored since before the wedding. I know.

emily said...

This is late in coming and redundant, but your hair looks great! And your day sounds terrific.

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