18 May 2011

Gardening 101




Are you planting a garden this year? Do you have any advice for us?



Jason & Makenna said...

I planted my seeds in feb and transferred them to our garden in march (that's how we roll in hot AZ)...and they ALL DIED. Every last plant. Then miracle of all miracles, 4 lettuce plants came out of nowhere. Needless to say, I have absolutely no aparent skill at gardening.

Hope you have much, much better luck! I will send happy green thumb thoughts your way!

Jake and Weston said...

Oh how fantastic! I am so excited for you! I have to work hard to keep things going here in SC...and because I am not a gardening ace! Hope you all enjoy the fun!!

Hannah said...

Mandy, this is wonderful! Gardening is good for the soul. We planted ours a couple weeks ago and I'm in heaven. Hope you have great success!

paws said...

Good luck!

Mrs. JM said...

all i can think to say is you're brave! i really wish i was as brave. i want my own garden but i just don't dare. utah weather makes me nervous. i'll be following the comments to see what kind of tips you get and good luck with it!

p.s. i really enjoy your blog.

Sarah said...

Oooh fun! I can't wait to have a yard to plant a garden in! For now - its just herbs on the balcony.

jt said...

I plan on living vicariously through you (again) and learning from your experience before I venture on my own.

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