17 June 2011

Menu of the Week

I spent the previous two weeks on a full-on cooking strike. Consequently we ate out nearly every night and now I have put myself on an eating out strike. It's all or nothing with me, people. On Monday I timidly made my way back into the kitchen and started mincing garlic for dinner and slicing strawberries for dessert; I pondered my cooking hiatus and thought, "Huh. Well that was silly."


Here's what we ate this week:

:: Brats with sauteed onions and cole slaw + radishes—I like to use this dressing for a quick cole slaw and I bought the brats from a local grocery store.

:: Shrimp + Escarole with Israeli Cous Cous—I picked up a beautiful head of escarole from the Farmer's Market on Saturday but it took me most of the week to figure out what to do with it. I finally settled on this recipe and added shrimp. This recipe continues to make me as happy as it did last September.

:: Hamburgers + Bibb Lettuce salad—If it is nice enough outside to grill, that is where you will find me. Also, I am praying that the dude at the Farmer's Market has more Bibb Lettuce this Saturday because ours is all gone and I'm sad.

:: Pizza—Pesto, Mozzarella, Spinach, Tomatoes

:: Salmon Burgers—we eat these quite often in the summer. They are quick to grill, I usually have hamburger buns on hand, and it is an easy way to get fish on our menu more frequently.

Dessert: Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble—more about this one later. Also, these cookies. Which I meant to take a picture of but never had an opportunity as I was busy eating the entire batch.

Happy Friday Friends. Any big plans for Father's Day? What was on your menu this week?



jillian said...

I love that photo and your menu sounds great! I never know what I am going to make day to day.

paws said...

Did you ever find a red pizza sauce that passed muster?

Sarah said...

Yummy looking recipe. One or more of these might end up on my menu for next week.
Speaking of grilling, have you tried grilling pizza? I just had it for the first time this week. It is delicious!

Katharina said...

Your dinners sound delish.

I made a rhubarb concoction, too. (I'm intrigued by the lemon rhubarb bundt cake recipe in the rustic fruit desserts cookbook. I'll report back when I get it made.)

We bought a share in a CSA (community-supported agriculture) this year, and I've been picking up weekly bins of strange and wonderful produce. These people send me a weekly e-mail with a listing of what's coming in my magic bin, along with a passel of recipes for that week's veggies. So far I've encountered such new-to-me, nutty things like joi choy and mizuno, along with kale and butter lettuce. There has been much sauteeing of greens at our house.

On this week's menu: kale pizza (to Paws: America's Test Kitchen's thin crust pizza recipe has a nice red sauce with red wine vinegar...).

Also, there was an evening of joi choy (kinda like bok choy), sauteed with shredded rotisserie chicken, udon noodles, sesame oil, and a splash of fish sauce.

Now, what to do with these blasted radishes they keep sending me?

Victoria said...

Yum. All sounds delicious. x

catherine said...

How were the cookies? Have you ever made these?


If so, how did they compare?

michelle said...

I just had one of those salmon burgers for the first time the other day! Tasty and quick, I think I'll add those to my Costco list.

I'd like to know what you made with rhubarb. I don't usually cook with it, but thought I might venture for Father's Day since Marc likes it. And it seems like I should like it.

I am also curious about the cookies. I don't know why I have to keep trying new chocolate chip recipes.

AmberLee said...

brats and onions and slaw sound amazing. i'm adding that to next week's menu.

those salmon burgers are the best.

and you are so good. when I go for two weeks without cooking I don't even call it a strike, just a hiccup.

Alejandra said...

Sometimes we just need to take a break and refresh. Looks like you really came back strong!

dw said...

Holy cannoli, the strawberries in that photo are as big as your head!

Hyuk, hyuk.

Also, did you get that pizza idea from little ol' moi?

And you ate a whole batch of cookies, solo? Oh for shame! Not that I can claim innocence vis-a-vis that particular crime or anything...

jt said...

Yeah, I've been on kind of a real-food strike in general since my birthday. One day last week, not a thing passed my lips besides marshmallows and peanut M&Ms. I'm not even kidding. And I'm hoping that this post is old enough that no one else will see this.
Also, how have I not told you how much I love your new banner? Love. It. did you do it yourself, my dear?

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