13 June 2011


Our weekend was ridiculously productive and yet this morning I'm feeling totally rested. I'm feeling very fortunate. Here's a peek at what we were up to:

We've been trying to go to the Farmer's Market every Saturday that we are in town. I was pretty pumped this week when I realized that a few of the vendors remember us! We also told Z-cakes that she could buy some cookies at one of the stands. You should have seen the look on her face when we came to the cookie booth.

After the market we went to the new Dick's Sporting Goods because it was the grand opening and that's a big deal, yo! We bought chap stick and sunblock in case you were curious.

And Z-cakes tried out their running track.

Saturday afternoon was all about the yard. Which I suspect is what a lot of our Saturdays will be about. Which I'm totally okay with. I planted flowers, worked in the garden, and weed whipped while N8tr0n mowed the lawn, trimmed branches off of our tree, and hacked the branches up with his new hatchet.

In the evening we both cleaned out the shed and sorted out yard sale items. I have to admit I'm a bit embarrassed to post this picture because I don't understand how we have so much crap but, oh well. Here's to editing, starting over, and living with less. Right?



michelle said...

I totally need to edit and want to live with less!

Going to a farmer's market every Saturday sounds positively dreamy.

Jill said...

Our garage is like your shed and baffles me regularly because despite regular clean-outs it is always full!

Julie said...

Dick's was started here in my hometown of Binghamton, NY!! It began as a little shack that sold hunting and fishing licenses. I think you can read the full story at the store--usually in the entrance is a big poster with the story and some pictures. Glad you have the convenience of one in your neighborhood now!

Jocelyn said...

LOL my kids always have to "try out" the track at Dicks. Our garage and basement ends up just like your shed...I am always embarrassed at how much we clean out and give away every year. Saturdays just make perfect yard days right?

Hannah said...

Oh, Mandy! What fun. Yay for Farmer's Markets. I need to visit ours asap.

I'm throwing a baby shower in 2 weeks. After looking at your pics, I'm feeling very unprepared. Wish you lived closer!

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