29 September 2011

Z-cakes' Bedroom Inspiration

Now that the master bedroom is 95% done (we just got prints to hang above the nightstands!) I have my sights set on Z-cakes' room. I recently painted the room a gorgeous light gray that looks great with every color I bring in. Previously her room was a brown that I referred to as "unfortunate"—at least for a three year old's bedroom. Repainting immediately made it feel more like a little girl's room. Isn't it wonderful when that happens? Here are a few of the photos I keep coming back to when I imagine Z's future room:

annilygreen - kids' room1
{via Annily Green}

So, you know Annily? She's kind of my new blog crush. I love everything about her house and this kids' room is no exception.

{via Little Green Notebook}

I love the mix of blue, green, and especially yellow in this picture. Speaking of yellow, I'm toying with the idea of having that be a unifying color in my home. Discuss.

{via Apartment Therapy}

Ahh...geometric quilts.

Now that I have these pictures all put together, I'm kind of shocked at how different they are. Here's hoping I can synthesize the three into something stunning and not something that looks like it was actually decorated by a three year old.

In other news, our Fab.com order arrived today!

Christmas present for Z via Fab.com

It is supposed to be a Christmas present for Z, but I've been playing with it for a solid 45 minutes. It may end up being difficult for me to share.


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Gloria said...

Love that second room! It's so cute without being overly childish :-)

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