06 October 2011

First Snow

Last Sunday we went driving to find fall colors. Yesterday we went driving to find snow. We found quite a bit of it at Pebble Creek. Ahh, Idaho. I love you. You're crazy.


In case it isn't obvious, N8tr0n has been bitten with the ski bug. Hard. Also, I recognize that I really need to drag out my real camera and quit subjecting you people to cell phone shots.

Thank you for your votes of confidence regarding Cinderella's dress. We have a completed bodice, people. It was all I could do last night to not wake Z-cakes up to try it on her.

Update: N8tr0n just reminded me of this post. Ahh, Denver. I loved you. You were crazy too.



amanda jane said...

what?!? snow already?

Jason & Makenna said...

Seriously can't believe it's already snowed! I keep forgetting halloween cause we're still in triple digits! Oh fall, please come to the desert!

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