03 February 2012


You know those giant marshmallows? The really big ones that are approximately the size of your fist? Or two of your kid's fists? So, would I qualify as a bad mother if my child ate one (perhaps two) of said marshmallows everyday?

I shouldn't tell you how fast she can polish one of these marshmallows off.

Yeah, I thought so.

I wish I could tell you that I think marshmallows are gross and that I can't stand eating all of the puffy sugar. Nope. I love 'em. I would probably finish the bag of them before Z could get her hands on them if I hadn't recently turned 30 and started practicing being an adult and showing a little restraint.

Incidentally, it takes approximately NO pleading from Z at the grocery store to get me to buy a bag:

Z: Whoa. Those marshmallows are really big mommy!
Me: Oh, okay fine. We can get them.
Me: Do you want the giant ones or the heart shaped one?
Me: Or both?
Z: Both!
Me: Okay!

And then one day Z was trying to fall asleep waaaay later than is acceptable for her to fall asleep if bedtime isn't going to be the worst so I tried to keep her awake by offering her a marshmallow! What kind of mom does that? A desperate one who knows the power of a big freakin' mallow that's who. It didn't matter anyway. She just ate it with her eyes closed and went back to sleep. A feat I decided was a possibly useful talent.

Don't fall asleep! You're eating a marshmallow!

On a related note: Z-cakes has recently started saying "dude" much to her parent's approval. She demonstrates excellent inflection and consistently appropriate use. For example:

Z-cakes: Dude, mom! Look at those marshmallows!
Me: Dude, Z. They're peppermint!
Z-cakes: Dude. We should buy those.
Me: Okay!


laurie said...

so cute! i like how she takes such tiny little bites. i would just pop it in my mouth. :-)

michelle said...

Dude. That's adorable.

I think every mom knows that there are nights when you'll do whatever it takes to get bed time going as it should.

Destri said...

Oh your writing makes me happy :)

Love love the appropriate use of dude.
We too have had our own colorful word being used on the most appropriate occasions, kind of like "pam it" only with a d. Yes, this has been fun :)

Oh the joys!

Hannah said...

Oh, my. She is so hilarious. I love when you write about z most.

And marshmallows most certainly doesn't put you on the "bad mom" list. On the contrary, in fact. I am one who can't eat them, though. I've had texture issues with them since childhood. My children, on the other hand, will down an entire bad in one sitting.

Hannah said...

And please, ignore my grammatical errors. Holy moly.

Melina said...

This is just about the cutest thing I've read! My boyfriend and his friends always say dude (they are way too old for that in my opinion) and I always worry that will be the first word of any future child I have. Now it doesn't seem so bad! :)

xx Melina

Jaime said...

um, word.

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