06 March 2012

Life in Instagram

Lately our days have not been too busy and have therefore been  absolutely lovely.  

Last week we made homemade donuts at 11:00 AM because my friend had some leftover dough from the evening before.  It may not have been such a good idea to leave me and Z-cakes in the house alone with a pan full of donuts, but I promise Nate got a couple.

Homemade donuts before noon. Best idea ever.

On Saturday we enjoyed fresh squeezed orange juice with our whole wheat pancakes reminding me, once again, that most of my happiest moments revolve around really good food.

I love Saturdays.

Z-cakes obviously gets cuter by the day.  She got herself all dressed up to play "grocery store" outside and I was mighty proud of her ensemble.  Another favorite game these days is "book lady" in which she brings a handful of books to me, I tell her how much they cost, she gives me pretend money and is on her way, never batting an eye at the cost.  She may or may not have learned this from someone you know.

Ready to play grocery store outside.

Okay, but food and toddler clothes aside, here is the biggest news of the week:  Z-cakes' hair in PIGTAILS!


I kind of feel like four years of hair growth has all been leading up to this point.  You know?

Yesterday was in the 50s.  Dudes.  Today is cold and windy but yesterday was in the 50s.  We headed to the park and flew kites with a slew of other kids who for some reason were not in school.  I brought my camera, but was having way to much fun to stop and take a pic.
We made this on Sunday night and I wanted to eat the entire thing by myself.  I saved a piece to take a picture of on Monday morning like a good blogger but instead, I just ate it.  In like, two bites.  It occurred to me later that perhaps I should have savored it.  Not to worry though, the ingredients for another are sitting in my fridge right now.  It is only a matter of time, my friends.


Lani @ Its My Life said...

I'm hungry after seeing those pics! great job. Hope you will join me for my first linky party this Friday. It's My Insta-Life.


Hannah said...

Pigtails are my fav. Z looks adorable in them.

Holy moly..those donuts look amazing. How do you always make the best looking food!? You have one lucky fam.

Rachel said...

Yay! I came to your blog and did a double take!!!! So glad for a new post. Z looks so cute in her piggies! Naomi has male pattern baldness still, and a lot of mullet action going on. We can barely get piggy tails out of it. I totally saw that on Alicia's blog and I was thinking very very hard about making it. I think I will now that I know it is worth it! I am glad you are getting some good weather. I am going to reply to your e-mail about a certain group of girls partying it up sometime this summer very soon, I am waiting to hear from a few people on family reunions and such.....But I am so in!!!

kylee said...

hoooray for 50 degree weather. we had the 60's yesterday but today... well that's another story. it started snowing again and i wanted to cry about it. obviously i'm ready for spring.

April said...

oh my gosh, Zaley's hair! I LOVE it~I can't wait to see you this summer!!

Jen said...

Dude! Look how long her hair is!

Kimberlee said...

I think four years is so worth the wait for those adorable curls. Ohhh my heavens...they are so cute. Love her, and you too!

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