28 February 2010

Random 28(th)

01. I thought it was March 1 like, four times today.
02. I'm dying for spring to get here.
03. DY-ING.
04. N8tr0n made some delicious smoky beef tacos for dinner today.
05. I never finished the laundry on Friday.
06. And I probably won't finish it tomorrow.
07. I keep thinking that I've gotten sick of winter earlier this year.
08. But I bet I feel this way every March 1st.
09. February 28th.
10. That's five times.
11. We went thrift shopping on Friday.
12. Z-cakes found a tambourine.
13. She was holding my hand and walking next to me, and she said "*gasp* I found it!"
14. So I had to get it for her.
15. You know how it is when you find the perfect thing thrift shopping.
16. I have got to take a vacation of Arizona or something.
17. Somewhere with like, the opposite of snow.
18. I've suddenly become obsessed with wallpaper.
19. I found some that Sherwin Williams sells that is easily removed.
20. You know, for renters like us.
21. It is really annoying to be obsessed with wallpaper.
22. Since I made the resolution to play more boardgames, I have played a game every single time N8tr0n has asked.
23. How's that for resolve?
24. I bet it wouldn't cost that much to put wallpaper on that tiny wall in our bathroom.
25. I mean, not that it's the most hideous wallpaper ever.
26. Burgundy et al. had its day.
27. Is it snowing where you are?
28. Can I come visit/live?



Gail said...

Well, since you asked, (#28), the answer, of course, is YES!!!!....and, did I use enough commas to suit your fancy?

Tiffany said...

It's cold where I live, colder than it's supposed to be. I want a discount on my taxes.

But here's some good news if you didn't already know: daylight savings switch is next week!

Emmylou said...

sun is shining in Twin today. Please come visit/live!

michelle said...

It's sunny here! We have had very little snow this winter. Come on over. (If you can get through Vail Pass.)

paws said...

You can come visit me! Unfortunately, I don't have a guest room, but we DO have sunshine, warmth, flowers, and GREEN!

Greeneyes said...

#27: No snow, but no sun either. Overcast, schmovercast. Bah!

#28: You should come visit anyway. There is lots to do here, and even though it's cloudy, the cherry blossoms and rhododendrons are peeking out. Yes, do come for a little jaunt!

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